Lennart Van Vaerenbergh

Backend Drupal Developer


Lennart has been a Drupal Developer since 2010. He is an expert in PHP, Web Development, jQuery... He has already worked for Dropsolid and District09.


Lennart Van Vaerenbergh

Meet Backend Drupal Developer Lennart.

With more than 12 years of seniority in the Drupal community, Lennart is considered one of the most experienced Drupal developers out there. During his career he has taken on different roles such as Drupal developer, team lead and technical lead. He always builds and implements his modules with a long-term vision. He works meticulously and with special attention to best coding standards, code reusability and overall quality of his delivered work. Through his years of experience and seniority, Lennart knows better than anyone how to take responsibility, lead a team and monitor productivity without losing sight of human support and coaching.

After rotating in the Dropsolid office for six months, he started working as a Consultant for District09. He has worked on many challenging projects for the City of Ghent. For example, the website rebuild from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8. This showcases his skills in PHP, Web Development, jQuery...