Dropsolid vision 2021 Dominique

2021, the year of the MarTech Agencies

Dominique De Cooman

In honor of our annual tradition, we look forward to the year that is to come. It probably won't surprise you that in 2021 we're building on the vision we've been working on for years now.

Timeline vision 2021 Dropsolid

A long-standing vision that saw an unprecedented boost in 2020

Back in 2017, we shifted our focus from 'building a website' to 'creating optimal digital customer experiences'. Four years later, we still stand behind this vision.

Companies that jumped on the digitalization wagon years ago are now reaping the benefits. And our customers prove this in black and white. They followed our vision and chose to go full force ahead. With Dropsolid, as a loyal partner, at their side throughout the entire journey.

  • Soudal for example, their global multi-market platform that focuses on ease of use for different audiences is experiencing golden days. Due to their progressive vision of turning their website into a DXP, their organic traffic increased by 200%.
  • Ivago launched a platform just before the first lockdown to better connect with citizens and to deal with waste in a more sustainable way.

Both digital platforms were therefore recognized with an award.

Drupal had it right several years ago. All the major trends that are in play today were anticipated by Drupal already back in the days. Just think of API-first, decoupled, multichannel, multimarket, AI/ML, DXP... The idea that you set up one digital experience platform to communicate, based on behavior, context and other parameters, in a personalized way with all your stakeholders across the different channels? They had that in mind years ago! The market is therefore growing in a straight line to what Drupal was aiming for 10 years ago.

A reliable, scalable and secure architecture is gaining interest. For a digital transformation, of course, you need a strongly grounded technical vision. And that’s exactly something we excel in at Dropsolid. Our CTO, Nick Veenhof, wrote down his vision of the technologies that will shape 2021.

Specialists often deliver better, with less overhead and they leave more freedom to the customer himself.

The power of a specialized Martech Agency? We see a trend in the market that is being driven by the merging of several smaller digital agencies into larger players. The fact that these big players claim to be able to do everything and be specialists in everything, creates opportunities for these expert Martech Agencies. They can make a difference over the inherent mediocrity that comes from 'going very wide'. Especially in organizations where digital becomes the Core Business. The internal team will want to actively build the digital platforms and the collaboration with expert MarTech Agencies is desirable, not to say necessary.

This approach gives companies like Upgrade estate, Beobank and Touring a speed of development that is a lot higher than what you can achieve with a regular agency. Your dependence on a full service agency is reduced because you choose what you do yourself and you ask for additional help when needed. Together with consultants, who also come on-site, these companies can build faster, more efficiently and more securely than any digital agency could do for them. Thanks to Dropsolid Experience Cloud, the need for an external full service agency is limited.

International partner for agencies

By also serving international customers with our DXP platform, we are even further ahead of digital trends than the average Flemish organization. At the same time, we are seeing more and more early adopters in Belgium who believe in digital experiences and are already quite far along in this. Ivago for example, they invest in the sustainability of the future. They have a progressive vision, implement innovative ideas and need a partner that is on the same page. That is why they chose Dropsolid.

We expect DXPs to really break through and also many more agencies will jump on this wagon in 2021. We predict that those who have been working like this for years, will have a step ahead of the rest and will be able to move faster in these digital heydays. Agencies that understand the value of platforms like Dropsolid Experience Cloud are choosing to move forward. The years-long investment of time, budget and effort, by the way, has already been made by us. Smart agencies choose a platform like Dropsolid's, instead of making the years of investment that Dropsolid already made.

Agencies that understand the value of platforms like Dropsolid Experience Cloud make a deliberate choice to move forward with this.


Sustainable vision

Dropsolid remains true to its long-term vision of organic growth combined with smart investments also in 2021. We already wrote an opinion piece on our vision of the new normal. And we also like to contribute on a technical level. Trending tech topics such as privacy, a data first approach and an open mindset were poured into a vision post, written by our CTO, Nick Veenhof. One of the direct consequences is that we are the only European partner that can offer Longterm Extended Support for Drupal 7. We are of course extremely proud of this.

We’re not only devoted to our visions, Dropsolid also invests a maximum budget for its capabilities in co-developing valuable communities. For example, in 2020 we sponsored Mauticon, Drupaljam and DrupalCon. This sustainable vision goes much further, by the way. Because we hope to use our contributions, sponsorships and innovations to help our customers achieve this as well. For example, we donate annually to Peace Through Prosperity. They ensure that even the most vulnerable groups in society can be active in business.

We want to teach our customers how to fish, rather than bring them a fresh fish every day.

Above all, I am especially pleased that, despite the turbulent times, Dropsolid has remained true to its vision, mission and values. We are still creating value, time and freedom for our customers and employees.

2021 started with a happy CEO

Dropsolid is now almost 8 years old and I still consider it a young company. At the same time, the storm has caused the roots to settle deeper. Steven and I must honestly conclude that our baby has endured a stressful year. There was a clear confirmation this year that Dropsolid really is a future-proof company:

  • This is partly thanks to the customers who remained loyal to us,
  • the strong Management Team that expanded with Anneleen Demasure and Peter Snauwaert this year,
  • and of course the entire Dropsolid team. After all, working remotely for almost a year didn't stop us from starting a new growth spurt.

As CEO, I strive to stay as connected as possible with everyone: with the team, the customers, the partners and the market, the business model, myself, the world and with the reality that we cannot predict anything with certainty. That everything comes and goes, but that we can try to make the best of it by innovating and constantly contributing.

Is your future at Dropsolid?

Do you want to work with an ambitious partner with a sustainable vision? Do the mission, vision and five core values of Dropsolid completely fit with you as an organization? Do you, as an agency, want to keep moving forward, and deliver strong digital experiences? Become a partner and pick up the pace!

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