Building and expanding our digital platform

Dominique De Cooman

Building world-class platforms takes time. Dropsolid CEO Dominique De Cooman takes us behind the scenes to give some insight into the Dropsolid Platform and how it has evolved into a prime digital experience platform for enterprises.


From humble beginnings to platform of choice

Ever since we brought Nick Veenhof on board as our CTO, we’ve been able to make accelerated progress with building the Dropsolid Platform and adding some major improvements and new features. The visual below provides an overview of our digital experience platform, with Drupal at its core.

The Dropsolid Platform has evolved into a comprehensive ecosystem of tools that uses all of Drupal’s capabilities to their fullest extent. It is the best way forward for mid-sized organisations to build a Drupal-centred digital environment. The Dropsolid Platform has two main value propositions, accompanied by related services.


The core: Dropsolid Rocketship

The base layer of the Dropsolid platform consists of the deployment platform, hosting and local dev tools that allow our Dropsolid Rocketship to take flight. Rocketship is a Drupal install profile that offers an extra layer on top of Drupal. Its goal is to make digital business easy by providing a framework and best-practice examples based on real-life situations that we’ve experienced at Dropsolid.

The Rocketship distribution enables small to mid-market businesses and organisations to take a head start with Drupal. It provides best practices from deployment, configuration and extension.

All of Dropsolid’s Drupal 8 sites have Rocketship at their core. Our junior developers learn the basics with Rocketship, while senior developers have their say in what an optimal development codebase looks like.

For customers, this means a Drupal that is easier to manage and has better SEO tooling and subsequently higher conversion rates. Organisations can go to market faster and deliver more long-term value, which in turn results in higher customer lifetime value or CLV.

I'm very proud that we’ve been able to contribute all our learnings back to the community by means of a Drupal distribution. We want Rocketship to be the best fit for mid-sized organisations who are looking to use Drupal as their digital experience platform.


The technology layer

As an additional value driver, we offer an experience technology layer. This includes improved search, insights and commerce. Our current roadmap includes smart profiling, personalisation, automation and intelligence. Our investment in AI - aided by a government grant for innovation - makes me very excited to see how we can find new ways to make Drupal websites and environments smarter.

We are now using the Dropsolid Platform as a means to expand our European presence. We started in the Netherlands by building partnerships and raising awareness to customers. Our goals is to make mid-sized enterprises across the continent aware that the Dropsolid Platform is the most efficient way to have more control and freedom over their Drupal-powered digital experiences - our company’s very reason for existence.


This blog posts is an abridged extract from the Dropsolid Diaries 17-18-19, Dominique De Cooman’s personal account of his journey as an entrepreneur and CEO of Dropsolid. Through a series of longreads, he describes the process of building the Digital Business Company.

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