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Dropsolid at Mautic Conference Global 2021

Els Knevels

Last year, open-source marketing automation platform Mautic launched its very first Mautic Conference. As one of the top contributors, we're proud to be a Silver sponsor again. It's fully in line with our vision as an open MarTech agency, Mautic-contributor, and open-source enthusiast.

With no less than 5 sessions on different topics, our Dropsolid speakers are eager to share their knowledge, get in touch with the community, and spread some open-source marketing automation love.

Curious? Tune in at one of our sessions below

How we put Mautic into practice

We've been working with Mautic for a while now. We do hosting, implementation and training. And that's not all, our knowledge keeps on growing. Plugin and feature development are also part of our expertise. And of course, we love to give that back to the community via contributions. 

Relevance is key nowadays, we all know that. To keep up with this trend and to create an omnichannel experience, we integrate Mautic with Drupal personalization via our Open DXP, Dropsolid Experience Cloud

All of this with our love for open-source, the combined knowledge of our experts, and in a client-centric way. We communicate with the teams, go into dialogue with our clients, and figure out the best way to make the individual projects a success. Either by unburdening the client completely or by training their teams so they can put our thought knowledge into practice. 

Join us for an exciting session!

Interested in joining one of our sessions at Mautic Conference? Get your ticket below and come say hi!

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