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In the face of today’s increasing commoditization, improving customer intimacy is a crucial factor to stand out from the competition. How? By making sure your digital experience is relevant to every visitor, at any time. Digital personalization can...

We are proud that our CTO Nick Veenhof is one of the keynote speakers at Drupalcamp London 2020. Nick will shed light on how to build an Open DXP and what opportunities it will bring.

Websites are not enough. Business these days are required to...

Are you sometimes overwhelmed by the huge number of different martech tools?
What is a DXP? What is the difference between a CDP and a DMP? Why do I need it and what can I do with it?
Don't worry! In this handy overview you will find...

The digital world remains focused on the challenges that organizations face. At the same time, these challenges often present opportunities. Digital opportunities provide a chance to have a true impact on your organization’s core business. We’ll be...

The Hidden Costs Eating Overhead and Dev Team Motivation

Amsterdam was our first time as a Diamond Sponsor at DrupalCon. Instead of the usual sort of giveaways, we wanted to make a more positive and direct impact. So we offered an exchange to...

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