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The insulation Barometer of Recticel: how thorough testing, thoughtful optimizations, and targeted analytics resulted in more than 1,300 downloads.

Recticel is an international industrial player with the ambition to make an essential difference in our daily experience of comfort. They specialize in products based on Polyurethane foam. Recticel Insulation, one of their three business lines, is a reliable and experienced insulation partner that delivers high-quality insulation solutions. This way, they respond to the needs of users in terms of comfort and energy efficiency.

Recticel Insulation Belgium approached Dropsolid's for our marketing expertise, more specifically to give their Insulation Barometer campaign an extra boost. This Insulation Barometer is a source of information in the form of an annual whitepaper. Recticel Insulation's target group gets very valuable data from this document.


Their goal in 2020? By positioning them as thought leader, we boosted the number of downloads of the Insulation Barometer on their website and we set up an online campaign to show the whitepaper to as many people as possible within the right target group. Important here is the conversion measurement and a better understanding of the best working variables such as copy, visuals and target groups.


The campaign ran for two months, divided in two big waves. During this time, Facebook and Instagram campaigns were set up, Google Search Ads and Google Display Ads were running, and finally a LinkedIn Ads campaign went live.

Wave 1

During the first wave we focused on testing the different channels, designs, copy and target groups. The funnel started with a video to a broad target group, based on interests, followed by a conversion campaign based on the video views. The traffic of the last step led to the landing page of the insulation barometer, where the whitepaper could be downloaded.

Wave 2

During the second wave, the results of the AB-test could be applied and the budgets were optimized based on this. We noticed that the technical drawings with a lot of text performed significantly better than the polished mockups (see image below). The copy was adjusted by the results of the dynamic Facebook, Instagram and Google Search ads and we dropped the the Google Display ads.

Recticel case Dropsolid

Besides adjusting the ads, we also started working on the website. Here the landing page was optimized for conversion based on our advice and we did an SEO audit where we paid extra attention to, for example, the size of the images, the content and the meta tags. We went deeper into the content and the missing call to actions that could help bring down the bounce rate of important entry point landing pages.


After adjusting the ads, and the SEO optimizations from wave 1:

  • 220% more conversions
  • 550% more traffic
  • 194% more rach
  • 8% higher CTR
  • 2,85% higher conversion rate
  • 42% decrease in cost per lead

Recticel campaign Dropsolid

In total, there were more than 12,000 interested people from their target group who visited the Insulation Barometer landing page. 80% of all visitors of the Recticel website were a result of our ad-waves during the campaign period. And more than 1,300 whitepapers were downloaded during both waves. 72% of these are due to our ad campaigns.

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