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Build your digital experience with the Dropsolid Platform

A digital platform that build customer loyalty

The Dropsolid Platform is the foundational layer that allows you to build an experience that can reach customers the way they want to interact with your organisation. Successful companies use a digital experience platform to build their websites and connect them to their applications and tools. This allows them to create a digital experience that attracts customers and fosters further relationships with them. A platform ensures coherence and consistency across all channels and gives organisations the chance to speed up their go-to-market time.

What is the Dropsolid Platform?

We build our digital experiences using three components:

  • Dropsolid Platform
  • Dropsolid Integration
  • Dropsolid Performance

The Dropsolid Platform consists of a number of different architectural layers that enable you to build a digital experience on different levels. The core component is the Drupal CMS. It consists of a series of unique building blocks, called the Rocketship installer, designed by our Dropsolid R&D team. Rocketship allows you to enable the features that you require for your business case.

Our Dropsolid Integrations team consists of technical architects, developers and designers who implement the right components and build the connections that are needed to make your existing tools communicate with each other. Websites, intranet, CRM software, ERP systems: all your applications have to work in sync to provide a fully functional digital ecosystem for your business and to build the omni-channel experience that your customers expect.

Our Dropsolid Performance team strategists are business and marketing experts who translate your business KPIs into a digital experience that converts. Our team members live and breathe digital transformation and are always on standby to optimise your digital goals.

The success of your digital experience depends on your business KPIs. A digital experience allows you to focus on your core needs.

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