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Recently, the References module started receiving some attention (read here, here and here).

Drupal 8

In this day and age, it’s very hard to imagine a world without online payments. They permeate every possible sector and purpose, ranging from banking apps to online ticket ordering and charity donations.

Dominique De Cooman

A longer thought piece by Dropsolid CEO and co-founder Dominique on the reasons behind our agile approach. (Spoiler alert: because we're wired to create business value for every client). A Dutch translation of this article is available here.

In this blog post I will explain:

Did you miss last week's Lunch & Learn Event about open marketing in Ghent? Dropsolid CTO Nick Veenhof explains his quick-and-dirty proof of concept for integrating the Showpad environment with the Drupal CMS.

Nick Veenhof

My reasons for joining Dropsolid

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