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Thomas Cruysberghs

Did you miss last week's Digital Transformation Summit, organised by Digimedia? No need to panic - we have drafted a quick read (three minutes) to clue you up on our CEO's presentation on digital transformation at Boerenbond.


Transformation through industrialisation

Digital transformation has established itself as an umbrella term for all different kinds of technological innovations across different sectors. Whilst some companies are scrambling to implement the current best practices for everything to do with digital, plenty of leading organisations and larger enterprises are starting to face hurdles of a different kind altogether. Once the different business units of these types of companies have been thoroughly digitalised, the issue of managing different digital properties often arises as the next challenge on the list. Large companies with different entities, underlying or associated affiliates (e.g. Nestlé and NASDAQ) have to manage hundreds of customer-facing websites, across different countries and time zones. The related scalability issues can quickly spiral out of control.

Whilst these organisations are found across many different sectors, they usually share two common traits:

  • A centralised IT department in charge of the website back-end
  • Dedicated content marketeers per business unit or country

This inevitably leads to  scalability issues and a lack of cost efficiency.
Boerenbond - the professional farmers' organisation in Flanders - was suffering from the exact same problems. To tackle its multisite needs efficiently, we implemented James, our PaaS solution that facilitates digital industrialisation. This way, Boerenbond was able to keep its costs down whilst providing marketeers wih the freedom to fill content.

Want to find out more? Check our Boerenbond case page (NL).

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