Drupalcon 2021 Dropsolid

DrupalCon 2021, live or online? It’s up to you!

Els Knevels

DrupalCon, something we’re looking forward to every single year! Not a coincidence that we’re proud to be a Diamond Sponsor for the third time in a row. Again, a digital version of the event of course. But for everything, there’s a solution! That’s why we’re extremely enthusiastic to also support DrupalCamp Belgium this year. Together we’re organizing a physical Belgian version of DrupalCon. Because let’s face it, getting together in real life is just that little bit more exciting! 

We’re already looking forward to listening about what’s going on in the community, learning a lot from our peers, and connecting with clients, partners, and other Drupal enthusiasts. 

Just like other years, we’re sharing our knowledge in the marketing and tech tracks. Join us for a session? We’ve listed them below: 


Don’t be shy, come say hi!

We’re really looking forward to this event. Are you joining us? Pass by our virtual booth at DrupalCon, or follow a live session during the physical event of DrupalCamp Belgium. See you there!

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