Drupalcon Global

Dropsolid at Drupalcon Global 2020

Dominique De Cooman

Drupalcon Global is the first Open Source Digital Experience Conference that will be held online everywhere from July 14th to 17th 2020. We are very proud and thrilled to host a Thought Leadership session on July 16th at 16h CET.


Dominique De Cooman, Dropsolid CEO & Founder, will talk about the market trend from CMS towards Digital Experience Platforms and how this is a perfect match for Drupal.

Details about the session:

Move from CMS to DXP to stay relevant.

Implications for Drupal agencies, Drupal using customers, marketers & developers.

We’ve entered into a “give an inch, expect a mile” era of marketing where nearly all consumers are constantly demanding personalized service of the highest quality. The best customer experiences have set the bar for all customer experiences. To make your digital customer experience relevant at all times, you need to make it personal, customer-centric and consistent across all customer touchpoints.

Drupal as a CMS is not enough. You need to add the "Customer” flavor to your “Content” to deliver personal brand experiences.

This session answers key questions like:

  • What are the opportunities for Drupal in today's era of hyper-personalization?
  • What does it take to turn your Drupal CMS into a DXP?
  • What are the implications for companies with a Drupal website? And for Drupal agencies? ANd how about developers and marketers?


Join us online at DrupalCon Global, on July 16th at 16h CET.

Can’t make it to Drupal Con Global, but you still want to get the slides? Drop us your email address and we’ll send you a link to the presentation after the event.


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