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SWIS and Dropsolid join forces

Leen Penders

Leiden-based SWIS and Belgian MarTech company Dropsolid are jointly committed to the marketing and implementation of the Digital Experience Platform (DXP) in the Dutch market. The DXP is unique in its kind by offering advanced personalization tools and content management within one platform. Driven by the power of the Open Source communities of Drupal, Mautic and Unomi. The partnership between SWIS and Dropsolid is characterized by an 'open' and transparent way of working together that can contribute in a positive way to the digital success of companies, governments and organizations.

We base the strategy of our partnership on the following four pillars:

Open source: organizations own the core systems, this guarantees rapid innovation and prevents vendor lock-in.

Open data: organizations own the data their customers produce, which provides essential competitive advantages and guarantees business models for privacy first.

Open cultuur: organizations should be able to build their own digital teams. Our strategy is to make these teams of marketers and developers more productive with the platform and with sharing knowledge, this way they can become truly independent.

Open platform: organizations can integrate with their existing processes. Our API-first strategy does not impose limits. It guarantees the organization to be able to further expand its digital activities.

What is a DXP platform and what benefits does it offer

DXP is best described as the next step in your online customer contact. It enables you to connect with your users in a more relevant way, by intelligently tracking the behavior of your website visitors and automatically creating (anonymous) customer profiles. Thanks to this technique, it is possible to show the right content at the right time, in real time. In this way visitors experience a unique experience and as a company you respond better to the needs of your customers.

This is possible because the DXP platform uses different modules to collect data. For example, the Marketing Automation tool Mautic is linked to the DXP platform and it uses Unomi as its Customer Data platform. The AI engine detects behavioral patterns from the collected data and can categorize visitors into self-detected segments in real time. These segments are then used for personalization, all the personalized content you share managed from one place.


Many organizations struggle with issues surrounding personalization, customer data and marketing automation. Through the partnership with Dropsolid, our customers can accelerate drastically.


Manage multiple websites from one place with Experience Cloud

The solution is not only interesting for marketers, but also for developers. The platform ensures a considerably shorter time-to-market by automating tasks. With Dropsolid Experience Cloud it has never been easier to manage multiple websites from one location. Thanks to the 'multi-market module', it is easier to start up new websites, and maintenance, security and optimization are all taken care of for you. Integration with external tools or existing IT infrastructure is also possible thanks to the available APIs.

Proud of the partnership

Both Dropsolid and SWIS support Open Source and guide companies and organizations on the way to the best open digital experience with Drupal at its core. Open Source has been in the DNA of both companies from the beginning. They believe that any organization, regardless of size or sector, driven by a digital ambition can make a difference in an open world. This made this partnership not only a strategic but also a logical choice.

SWIS' customers prefer a party that works with technology that has a strong community behind it. Organizations, governments and companies alike have the need to be able to serve customers in a personalized way. By connecting technology, marketing and Open Source they offer this to their customers in a responsible and transparent way.

Barry van der Meij, Commercial Director at SWIS comments: "Many organizations are struggling with issues around personalization, customer data and marketing automation. Through the partnership with Dropsolid, our customers can make a huge acceleration".

Nick Veenhof, CTO Dropsolid, adds: "More and more companies and governments are ready for the next step in their digital customer experience. With our Open DXP we offer a solution for all organizations that want to grow step by step while monitoring their costs, freedom and flexibility. "

Partner with Dropsolid?

Does an open partnership and Open DXP appeal to you? 

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