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Antwerp University Hospital (UZA)

Antwerp University Hospital (UZA)
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Maximize customer experience with Machine Learning

Antwerp University Hospital (Universitair Ziekenhuis Antwerpen or UZA in short) guarantees standard-setting healthcare in a wide range of specialized treatments. As a large organization with many different stakeholders, digital transformation is key where knowledge sharing, research and innovation are concerned.


UZA was looking for a trusted Drupal partner that would be able to maximize the potential of its digital platforms. Enhancing the on-site search functionality turned out to be a main priority. Previous research had shown that certain keywords often failed to return relevant results to site visitors, resulting in an additional workload for call centre employees.

In addition, UZA understood the urgent need of digital transformation for certain parts of the organization, with knowledge sharing, training and R&D as key fields.


An in-depth technical audit resulted in the migration of UZA’s existing corporate website and subsites to Dropsolid’s servers for hosting and maintenance.

Next, our technical teams started fine-tuning the internal search engine:

  • We applied current best practices to the SOLR Search engine.
  • We trained our Dropsolid Search Machine Learning model, using a database of 150 keywords and their expected search results, to optimize the overall search performance.

Search result accuracy increased from 55 to 91% in only 2 weeks’ time. This resulted in a drastic decrease of incoming support calls.

As part of our ongoing collaboration, UZA and our Dropsolid teams are working together on a further roll-out of the digital transformation track within the organization.

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