A digital scan for your business

Scan your company for digital opportunities

Screen your company for digital opportunities

To keep your company's digital health in check, it is very important to be aware of your digital positioning, USPs, needs and potential threats. Digital business always starts with a thorough analysis of your business.

Step 1: In-depth analysis

Our Dropsolid experts assess your business. We investigate the current situation, opportunities, problems, target groups, market, and much more.

Step 2: Clear objectives

Based on the information provided and lessons learned, we start to define goals.  Together we proritise both short and long-term objectives.

Step 3: Action plan

We implement the necessary strategic and marketing tools to achieve succes.

This way, we provide you with the best strategy to take control and enable your digital business.

Government recognition: kmo-portefeuille

Our digital scan has been recognised by the Flemish Government's kmo portefeuille grant. For businesses that are registered in Flanders, the local government will pay back up to 40 % of the fee for our digital scan.

  • SMEs with up tot 49 employees can claim back up to 40% of the total cost
  • SME's with 50 to 250 werknemers can claim back 30% via the Flemish Government's scheme.

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