Technical Sheets

Dropsolid Platform

The Dropsolid Platform is the foundational layer that allows you to build an experience that can reach customers the way they want to interact with your organisation. Successful companies use a digital experience platform to build their websites and connect them to their applications and tools.

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Dropsolid Launchpad

Dropsolid Launchpad offers a turnkey solution in getting started quickly with a project that is available in the Dropsolid Platform. Dropsolid Launchpad will understand what components are needed and set it up accordingly.

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Dropsolid Rocketship

Dropsolid Rocketship is a site-building tool that helps organizations maintain their brand, while enabling content editors to get their work done without relying on developers every time.

Follow this tutorial to build a landing page with the content planning tools in Dropsolid Rocketship. You’ll get an idea of how to work with Rocketship efficiently. 

Dropsolid Rocketship Tutorial

Structuring content with Paragraphs makes it easier for designers to control the appearance and display of content across devices while giving content editors creative tools. Check out the building components included with Dropsolid Rocketship.

Overview of Paragraphs in Dropsolid Rocketship