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Jenny, your multisite solution

Jenny is our SaaS solution for mid-market companies, organisations and agencies who are looking to host multiple sites. We offer an industrialised approach that allows you to spin up, manage and maintain as many website environments as you require.


The name 'Jenny' for our multisite SaaS is derived from an important historic invention that came about during the First Industrial Revolution. The Spinning Jenny was a multi-spindle spinning frame that started the industrialisation and factory-based approach to weaving. It bears resemblance to fast spin-ups of new websites.

Are you looking to create and publish new websites from one centralised platform? Check out our integrated SaaS multisite solution.

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In practice

Organisations can use Jenny to deliver and host new websites for their partners and subsidiaries. This allows companies to stay in control of site deployment and management, all whilst providing the necessary freedom to local marketing teams and content editors.

Examples? The Belgian branch of ERA use Jenny to provide each and every one of their local real estate branches with their own mini website, in line with the corporate structure and logos. Info on properties can be added and updated in the central database, which in turn provides accurate data to all offices across Era Belgium - an excellent example of a multisite implementation that helps to generate business efficiency.

Companies who are in charge of multiple brands and products need to provide their marketeers with the right tools to bring new brands and services to the right target groups. Easy content management is key.

Organisations who benefit the most

  • Companies with multiple brands, subsidiaries or products.
  • Organisations who live by quick deployment of new sites.

Why Jenny?

Independent hosting of multiple websites can often prove to be a hidden cost. Anything over ten websites will become very difficult to manage and will prove costly after a very short time. Multiple technologies, partners and hosting contracts add to the complexity of non-centralised site management.

Jenny will consolidate your entire environment onto a single Drupal multisite platform, which allows for centralised maintenance and hosting. A 200% ROI on multisite projects using Jenny is a realistic prospect.

Contact us to calculate your multisite ROI - it's free.

Being able to deliver one centralised experience for all your services and products is key.

Both your marketing and IT departments will benefit from an advanced multisite solution:

  • Central management saves timewerkt tijdbesparend
  • The more websites, the lower your cost-per-site
  • Brand content distribution across different channels.
  • Shorter time-to-market: marketeers can set up their own websites.

About our product

  • An all-in-one solution for multisite management. This includes building, hosting, support and continuous improvement, all fully managed.
  • A cost-efficient, scalable SaaS solution
  • A comprehensive roadmap and vision, all in one single package.


Jenny is available in two formats: FIX and FLEX.





  • Every website has its own URL, design and content
  • Websites based on the same template (e.g. Marifique or Cyclo Tim)
  • Out-of-the-box features
    • Combination of different functions
    • E-Commerce as an optional feature
  • Easy efficient website management - the more websites, the better.


  • Custom development where needed, just like any other Drupal website
  • Every website has its own URL, design and content
  • Out-of-the-box features
    • Combination of different functions
    • E-Commerce as an optional feature
  • Easy efficient website management - the more websites, the better.
  • Manage multiple websites using independent codebases and databases
  • Jenny is fully compatible with James, our Drupal Cloud Butler
    • Allows custom development on every website (every website has its own repository)
    • Create and reuse templates at will
    • Deploy sites across multiple servers, managed by James
    • Create your own features for further use across your websites.
300 sites op ons platform

The proof

Our very own Cooldrops brand, which runs over 300 of our smaller SME websites, uses Jenny for its hosting, maintenance and development.

We have industrialised website building - new sites get launched every day on the platform.

More references

Fairtrade Belgium is using a Drupal multisite environment. Content editors can spin up their own websites without having to file a ticket with the IT department. Brussels Projects are using a similar multisite platform, providing easy access to campaign management.

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