Digital strategy is the key diffentiator

Digital strategy leading to business results

Digital Strategy

Digital strategy is without any doubt today's key factor in building long-term business impact.
Digital business needs are closely integrated with operational business goals. Business, marketing and IT need to come together and work on common KPIs to achieve a full return on digital projects.

Anticipating change is crucial: a digital strategy ensures a tight check on operational management and results.

Struggling to find a starting point with your digital transformation? We help you to create a digital strategy that is tailored to your organisation and target market.

Our Dropsolid approach is well-tested. We always scan your organisation, its current digital set-up and future potential that generates value.

bullet-bedrijf Why a strategic analysis?

  • Digital transformation needs a profound and professional approach, rather than on-the-spot tactical decisions. Your digital business model is key in devising a long-term plan.
  • A website without a solid strategy is a recurring investment with very little return. A fully-fledged and functional digital environment, on the other hand, is a key asset or core element to your business.
  • KPIs, measurability and continuous improvement are crucial. Implementation and expected business value are key.
  • What stakeholders can you reach using your online presence? How to optimise your customer journey?

bullet-klant How?

  • Our team of strategic experts - rooted in both operational business and digital capabilities - are at your disposal. Together we will map your business needs, using your company vision. The focal points are conversion and performance.
  • We set short and long term goals for TCO management and ROI calculations for every aspect of your business.
  • Finally: a plan that generates impact. Increasing iterations using an agile approach or one-time transformation: whichever suits your needs best.

Ready to develop your own digital strategy? Let us know.


Develop a solid digital strategy and break down the silos between Marketing, IT and Operations.