Concept and functional design

A solid basis for your digital activities using a clear concept and goal-oriented funtional design

Wireframes to create digital experiences

Every project starts from client needs. It is crucial to get on the right track from the start. Every company has its own core strengths and capabilities, calling for a unique concept creation. The solution lies in clear analysis and design workshops. These will serve as a basis to draw up wireframes, which will act as a the foundations for you website.

User experience is key. Guiding your visitor through your website is crucial in ensuring you convert your visitors into leads.

The UX perspective is a fundamental concept in building the right wireframes. Conversion is heavily dependent on nudging towards CTAs and contact forms.

At Dropsolid, we have the right team for your UX needs. Need proof? Check out our Synergie Jobs UX track and Belllewaerde redesign!


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