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Digital transformation for the public sector

Governments and NGOs are not that different from traditional enterprise companies when it comes to information processing and their digitisation needs. Many public sector departments are still struggling with this, however, and this might cause underlying problems to spring up. Website management is another sore point for many government departments; a scalable multi-site solution can help to tackle this and prepare your organisation for the future.

Drupal for the public sector

Despite the best efforts of many organisations, it is still difficult to jump on the digitalisation bandwagon that fully facilitates new ways of working and an online government service.

Some government departments have made tremendous progress in their digitalisation efforts. In order to achieve this, modern project management techniques and use of the right platforms and tools are essential. Drupal can play a crucial role to accellerate digital transformation and guide this process.

Drupal for NGOs

NGOs can usually count on an enormeous user base. This user base is also very online savvy and uses social media, apps and mobile browsing on a daily basis. Therefore it is crucial to align the different online NGO strategies.

Our earlier projects together with governments and NGOs have given us the necessary experience to thoroughly get to know these very complex company structures, which involve different stakeholders who have their own priorities and concerns.

We focus on clear processes with the teams involved and support them with our own Drupal experts and platforms.

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