Els Knevels

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Els in one sentence? Hands-on marketing wizard with a passion for creating content. 

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Els Knevels

Going and keep going. And if possible, accelerating just a little bit. Els never stands or sits still. Crossfit 3 times a week, check. Throwing pots as a side hustle, check. A vibrant social life with the necessary beer here and there, check. Besides, an old house doesn't renovate itself. Those office hands will be transformed into sturdy construction hands in the coming months - read years. Oh, and before we forget, this kitchen princess from the countryside prefers to cook with vegetables, herbs, and flowers from her own vegetable garden. 

Despite her training as an interactive designer, Els converted to a digital marketer and copywriter during her career and via 2 postgraduates. With her broad digital knowledge, she takes care of the internal marketing of Dropsolid. From the website to writing content and from organizing fairs to marketing automation. You name it, she does it. 

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