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How to build digital experiences that make your service business thrive?

By combining a scalable Digital Experience Platform (DXP) with long-term strategy and other tools. Forward-thinking organizations look beyond building their digital presence – instead, they seek out an online-first environment that helps them anticipate their clients’ needs.

Read how we do it:

  1. Build your digital-first strengths
  2. Why digital experiences matter in B2B services
  3. What is a Digital Experience Platform (DXP)?
  4. Digital experience opportunities for B2B services brands
  5. B2B customer success story: Acerta
  6. 4 steps for a successful digital B2B customer experience
  7. Calculating ROI on digital investments

Build your digital-first strengths

Integrating a digital core at the heart of your services is what builds a competitive edge in the B2B services sector. The shift to new, hybrid service models presents organizations with key choices. Digital interactions are a crucial part of your customer experience, at every step of your customer journey. The right approach to your digital experience enables a more relevant customer experience, empowers your teams to deliver more value and scales your digital platforms in a secure and flexible way. From industry leaders ranging from Acerta to ITZU, our Dropsolid team delivers the best possible digital experiences for your B2B services brand.

Why digital experiences matter more than ever to B2B service companies

B2B services typically involve complex transactions and long-term relationships between you and your clients. Digital has transformed the ways in which businesses interact, collaborate and conduct transactions. Providing specialized expertise and support tailored to the needs of your customers is a running, hybrid conversation that extends across different touchpoints and teams.

Account management and relationship building, marketing and data analytics: they no longer operate independently in siloed departments, but all together. This is where our open Dropsolid digital experience platform comes in.

What is a Digital Experience Platform?

A Digital Experience Platform, or DXP, is an ecosystem of different tools that centralizes all your communications and information in a single environment. It enables you to serve your B2B target audience through a wide range of digital touchpoints. This allows you to make your digital experiences more personalized and easier to manage. Dropsolid Experience Cloud is the open DXP that helps you build, deploy and grow your B2B experience.

Digital experience opportunities for your B2B brand


Amplify your brand

A solid online presence is only the beginning. Tailored services lead to happy client relationships and a stronger brand as a result. A unified brand experience helps you maintain your core brand identity across all channels.


Add value through digital services

Your clients are looking for bespoke solutions that cater to the needs of their business. Organizations that are able to offer the flexibility their B2B customers demand are thriving. Key points? Easy accessibility, a unified customer service experience through all touchpoints, and customer-first thinking.


Spark additional growth

The best digital experiences allow you to scale up fast and add new websites and additional channels in record time while growing your data capturing opportunities. Sustainable growth increases your customer interactions and grows your services.


Use your data proactively

Anticipate your clients’ needs by using the available data in your ecosystem to their full extent. This helps you to determine proactively what your customers are looking for, providing them with the answers before they even reach out to you with their questions. Curious to find out more? Make sure to check out our podcast episode on AI for personalized experiences.

Customer success story: Acerta

B2B service case studies are as wide-ranging as they come. However, digital experiences in the industry typically have a few key elements in common: client focus, scalability and market insights through data analytics.

Acerta empowering entrepreneurs to start their own business 100% online

As a leading HR service provider, Acerta was looking for a way to help new entrepreneurs start their own business independently. Our Dropsolid team built an intuitive Drupal wizard that guides them through this process, fully online.

Acerta ikwilstarten


Building a user-friendly platform for new business starters. A highly ambitious and architecturally complex project (including multiple API integrations) on a tight deadline.


A modular platform that formed the foundation for all future ecommerce projects. The Acerta teams are able to make changes to the platform completely independently, without intervention from their own IT team or external partners.


A user-friendly and intuitive wizard that new business starters can use completely independently. The platform outperforms market trends and provides a complete, one-stop-shop service and cross-selling opportunities as entrepreneurs grow their business with Acerta.

Lessons from the success of Acerta

The Acerta case demonstrates how typical digital integration challenges in the B2B service sector can be overcome by building a seamless digital experience.

  1. Client experience is key. Building new relationships starts with an intuitive, easy-to-use platform that is completely client-centric. This is crucial when developing your clients into long-term accounts.
  2. Keep scalability and growth in mind. Our DXP approach ties in seamlessly with open-source technology for CMS (Drupal), marketing automation (Mautic) and personalization (Apache Unomi) that helps you build your B2B platform as your business grows.
  3. Smart digital investments generate returns. A strong business case leads to new insights and market opportunities.

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Build your next-level digital experience in 4 steps

Setting up your DXP requires a future-oriented approach. The four steps below provide some pointers in building the best digital experiences possible.


Digital Experience master plan

Start by mapping out your digital experience strategy, based on your long-term objectives. Use these to build a roadmap with the right priorities for your business.


DXP technology

A Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is the foundation for your digital experience. Add new channels and touchpoints as you go along. This approach enables you to stay in control of your branding and content while storing and managing customer data efficiently and securely. As a result, your digital experience platform is able to grow alongside your business.


Development and architecture

The most successful digital experiences combine secure platforms, reliable integrations and custom features, on top of a robust enterprise architecture. With Dropsolid Experience Cloud, we’ve got you covered on all fronts.


Data and dashboarding

Mapping data streams and data architecture is a crucial part of your master plan. We help you to turn your data into relevant insights, enabling your teams to make data-driven decisions. All while maintaining full GDPR compliance.

Calculate your digital investment ROI

A superior digital experience provides maximum return on your investment on all fronts. The positive effect for the B2B services industry goes beyond customer experience and improved sales: data security and accessibility, more efficient team work and data-driven decision-making are all key success factors to a better digital business. Using our free ROI calculator for digital experiences, you can find out the return on your business case investment in five minutes.