Discover, it all starts with a Digital Experience Strategy.

First things first: your laser-focused strategy sets the course for your digital future. As your strategic digital partner, we will work with you to decide your next steps, refine your direction of growth and define a tight plan of action.
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A strategy at 3 levels:

For a qualitative Digital Experience Strategy, we operate on three different levels, depending on your needs. For example, you can already start with a scan or a few workshops. Instead, focus on your future plans? Then an in-depth master plan is more suitable for you. 

Choose below which formula fits your company best:


Digital Experience Scan

Focus on your current situation

We review the current situation of your digital platforms and identify your challenges. Based on this, we select the right Dropsolid experts who will work with you to get the best results. 


Digital Experience Discovery

Focus on your new platform 

We build a tangible plan for your future digital platform. Always starting from your end user and your business goals. This way, we obtain a validated blueprint for a powerful digital platform. 

Digital Experience Masterplan

Focus on your long-term vision 

Together with your organization's various stakeholders, we work on your long-term vision and goals. We inspire, advise and define a roadmap of digital projects that bring you closer to your business vision.

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Our strategy approach in 3 minutes

As your advisory partner, we will work with you to decide your next steps, refine your direction of growth and define a tight Digital Experience Strategy.

Defining your north star

Digital Experience projects are only successful if the right objectives have been reached. We ask ourselves a number of important questions: What are those goals? For who are we building a solution? What assumptions should we make? And what is the underlying challenge we’re trying to solve? In this stage, we map out the answers to these questions.

Our toolkit:

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Before we think about solutions, we first need to understand the situation at hand. This means understanding the business, the end user, and the technology. We map actions, investigate pain points and uncover frustrations. We use the resulting insights to define our focus.

Our toolkit:

  • Digital behavioral research
  • Customer empathy interviews
  • Persona’s & journeys
  • Getting grips on the business
  • Enterprise architecture mapping
  • Digital performance research
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With a clear view of the business, user, and technology we can set out strategic lines for your digital experience. These lines will give a clear direction in the coming months and even years when shaping the optimal digital experience. We propose smart solutions using collaborative ideation methods, and we turn strong ideas into concrete concepts. We do so in close collaboration with you.

Our toolkit:

DS - brainstorm meeting wireframes - Lotte


The next step is collaborative ideation with everyone involved. It's a way to gather new ideas and refine these into problem-solving solutions that fit within the strategy.

Our toolkit:

  • Inspiration
  • Collaborative ideation
  • Personalization
  • Lead nurturing
  • Information architecture definition 
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If a picture says more than a thousand words, then a clickable prototype says more than a million. We visualize our concepts and ideas to validate them with your end users.

Our toolkit:

  • Wireframes 
  • High-fidelity clickable prototype 
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If you don't validate your solutions with your end users, you never know if it's the right fit for the problem. That's why we test our concepts before writing even a single line of code.

Our knowledge transfer toolkit:

DS training - wouter, brent, toon


The last step of our process is to create a solid plan before we start implementing our concept. 

Our toolkit: 

  • Functional & technical requirements 
  • Now-next-later roadmap 


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Gain Internal Efficiency

Understand the potential savings your company can achieve by enhancing internal efficiency through your digital project. Answer the following questions to estimate your ROI.

Elevate your Brand Awareness

Explore the potential boost in your brand's visibility and recognition through refined digital experiences. Let's gauge how enhancing your digital touchpoints can amplify brand awareness.

Increase your Data Intelligence

Empower your decision-making processes with enhanced data intelligence. Let's gauge the potential uplift in your business performance by making the most of your data.

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