Discover. It all starts with solid strategy.

First things first: your laser-focused strategy sets the course for your digital future. As your advisory partner, we will work with you to decide your next steps, refine your direction of growth and define a tight plan of action.
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A guide to fall back on

No high-level talk on a few pretty slides. Instead, we provide a value-driven strategy with proven prototypes to build on.
Concrete deliverables to help you shape your digital experiences. A guide to fall back on, time and again.



Effective, growth-oriented opportunities.



No empty words, but well-founded decisions.



The right focal points at the right time.


A project is only successful if the right objectives have been reached. We ask ourselves a number of important questions: what are those goals? What assumptions should we make? And what is the underlying challenge we’re trying to solve? In the analysis stage, we map out the answers to these questions.

Our toolkit:

  • Digital strategic vision and principles
  • Digital strategic roadmap
  • Strategic project scope
  • Architecture mapping
  • Enterprise architecture
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Empathy and definition

A convincing digital experience starts through identifying with the end user. We map actions, investigate pain points and uncover frustrations. We use the resulting insights to define our focus.

Our toolkit:

  • Personas
  • User journey mapping
  • Digital behavioral research
  • Customer empathy interviews
  • Card sorting
  • 'How might we' building
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We propose smart solutions using collaborative ideation methods, and we turn strong ideas into concrete concepts. We do so in close collaboration with you.

Our toolkit:

DS - brainstorm meeting wireframes - Lotte

Prototyping and testing

We visualize the best concepts and validate them with end users. This lets us find out what works best, even before writing a single line of code.

Our toolkit:

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Using a validated concept, we set to work on defining user stories and a backlog.

Our toolkit:

  • User story mapping
  • Roadmap creation
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Knowledge transfer

Designing digital experiences is a continuous process. Our goal is not just to deliver a piece of software, but to help you and your team grow. This enables you to work with the tools and methodologies we've developed to continue shaping your business strategy.

Our knowledge transfer toolkit:

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