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Drupal 7 extended to 2025

The final date for Drupal 7 is decided: January 5th, 2025. Let's see how this impacts your D7 website, and how we can help you keep you website up until 2027.

The Digital Experience Podcast by Dropsolid

The Digital Experience Podcast by Dropsolid is a series of episodes that cover subjects from technologies to marketing to create the best digital experiences.

Kubernetes - Podcast

In this episode of The Digital Experience Podcast by Dropsolid, we talk about the link between an enterprise architect and Kubernetes, Drupal and much more.


Let's discuss the AI hype and how AI aids me in my work. Specifically, I want to talk about ChatGPT and how it has helped me to be more productive s an analyst.

CX healthcare

Digital experiences that save lives? True! In healthcare, frictionless digital experiences can make that happen. Wondering how? Be sure to read on!