Discover Drupal.

A Drupal expert will take you through the world of content management systems. We'll give you an inside look at how Drupal works, what it's about, and what exactly it means for your business.

Who is this Drupal training for? 

This course is for anyone who wants to get started with Drupal. It will give you a great overview of everything Drupal. Afterwards you will have a good idea of what Drupal can do for your company. Ideal for managers who have to make CMS-related decisions or who are responsible for the software choice of a company.

What do you learn during the training?

In this training you will learn about Drupal and create a simple Drupal website with one of our experts. Ideal if you want to take your first steps in Drupal, to build your own website or to build expertise in the Drupal CMS.

Prior knowledge

You don't need any prior knowledge at all. The Drupal site building that follows this course picks up further from this course and repeats some parts.

Course content

  • What is Drupal?
    Explaining everything related to Drupal: the technology, community,...
  • LAMP
    What is LAMP? A brief introduction to knowing what a LAMP stack is.
  • Drupal installation
    You will learn to install and further extend Drupal.
  • Managing Drupal
    Learn how to manage and configure Drupal.
  • Taxonomy
    Learn how to use taxonomy to categorize your content for visitors.
  • Users
    Learn how to manage users, roles and permissions.
  • Layout with the new Drupal block system
    Learn how to quickly change the layout of content via configuration.
  • Distributions and installation profiles
    What is a Drupal distribution and installation profile?

What's next? 

Want to learn even more? Sign up for our Drupal Sitebuilding course.