A look behind the scenes: Life at Dropsolid

Everything starts with our 6 core values: Trust, Connect, Help, Challenge, Grow and Enjoy. And we apply them 360° in our company. Curious about more? Then scroll down!

Our values?

The core of our company

These six values form the basis of our company culture and guide our collaboration with employees and clients.
They are the reason we enjoy our work every day.



Trust is earned when action meets words, and that’s what we strive for: to keep an open relationship with our team and put our trust in their hands.



Our employees are no yes-(wo)men. We challenge each other and the company to do better every day, and we believe that by challenging ourselves, we get better too.



We're not individuals living on our own islands. We are involved with our colleagues, engaged in the company, and we connect with our customers.  



Keep going, keep growing. Developing talent is vital to us, and to generate more value we need you to keep growing. Dropsolid’s growth will follow.



We only get stronger by helping each other and have the guts to ask. Offering help is second nature to us: this is how we push our teamwork to the next level.



A happy employee is a satisfied customer and leads to a successful company. With Intuo, we create a constant feedback loop to keep everybody satisfied.

Life at the officeOur perks

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Office Ghent

Our head office in Ghent is filled with good people, happy moments, and team efforts.


Flexible hours

Start at 7 AM, or not a morning person? Together with your team, you decide what suits you best.


Satellite offices

A smaller hub in Hasselt (Corda Campus) and Antwerp (Bar D'Office), with all the extra perks the coworking spaces have to offer.


Working remotely

The freedom to work a few days from home or come to the office, just as you please.


Game on!

Dare your coworkers to a game of table tennis, a round of darts, or try and beat the record on the pinball machine.


Food for thought

A kitchen stuffed with fruit, soup, and coffee to fuel your body, spirit, and mind.

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We're on a mission for growth. Have you got what it takes?