Drupal Emergency Support

Is your website overloaded by a surge in traffic or is your Drupal team at their wits end about a sudden issue? With emergency interventions, we address urgent security, performance, or scalability issues and get you back in business with minimal downtime.

You can count on us when: 

  1. your Drupal website goes down unexpectedly,
  2. your Drupal website is suddenly overloaded by a surge in traffic,
  3. you have an urgent (security) issue,
  4. you have a problem with the integration between your website and your backend (e.g., ATS, ERP, PIM, CRM). We will investigate the problem and its cause. Depending on the cause and your need, we will propose and/or put in place a solution.

What can we do for you


Emergency intervention 

to address security, performance, or scalability issues


Knowledge-sharing sessions 

Join our dev knowledge-sharing sessions and make your team benefit from the knowledge of our various technical experts in fields like: architecture, infrastructure, deployments, code…


Expert Service subscription

To avoid this kind of trouble next time. See it like an insurance on your digital experiences. No matter what, we’ve got your back!


Crisis training 

Learn from the previous crisis by post-crisis having our experts train and elevate your team


Tech stack assessment 

We can assess your entire tech stack and propose both quick fixes and sustainable solutions.

Our way of working

When you’re in trouble, we are here for you. Immediately. By selecting the right experts for your emergency, we can help you in an instant. We do this in a sustainable and structured way with our Expert Service subscription model. You buy credits which you can spend on our expert support through a ticketing system and with an SLA.

Why choose Dropsolid?


Diverse experience

We have diverse expertise in lots of different fields for various clients.



Our experts are eager to share their knowledge with your team so your own experts gain knowledge, and you can save time and money in the long run.


Not just code knowledge

We also have knowledge in architecture, infra, application…


Digital experience based

We always keep in mind the best digital experiences for your end-consumer: performance, security, SEO, scalability, UX, accessibility.


Proven expertise

Our team consists of top Drupal experts from all over Europe: +90 experts with +620 years of combined Drupal expertise.

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Interested in our emergency support?