Want to know everything about programming in Drupal

Then the Drupal Coding training course is perfect for you.

Who's this training for?

This course is for anyone who wants to learn the basics of programming in Drupal. You will learn to understand and write code for Drupal, in order to be able to customize more of your website yourself.

Do you need any prior knowledge?

You should be familiar with the principles of sitebuilding and setting up a development environment. Knowledge of Drupal site building, programming and PHP is recommended.

What is the value of this training?

With this course you will start writing your own modules. We'll help you customize things in Drupal that are not customizable with other contributed modules.

Knowing how a module is built and what files it contains is one thing. Using the hook system and integrating with the APIs in Drupal, is quite another. It gives you the perfect control over your website.

After taking this course, you will know how to write safe and clean Drupal code. That knowledge will also help you select modules. In addition, you will be able to verify that the administrator is using the Drupal API.

Your developers are able to change the existing functionality and create new powerful functionality. By learning the principles of module development and best practices, your developers write better code that requires less maintenance. This saves R&D costs, allowing you to focus on business innovation.

An example 

Organizations need to install Drupal product websites that are fairly simple and require mostly theming tasks. They often have junior profiles and themers in house to do the job. In almost every project, however, the client requests more custom development. This training ensures that your developers can also carry out the custom adjustments quickly and efficiently.

Have you bought or built a Drupal site from an organization and want to make small changes yourself without hiring developers? Learn how to make small improvements and save a lot of money on development costs.

Course content

  • PHP Basics
    Learn the PHP principles before we dive into Drupal development.
  • Basic Hook Implementations
    Learn about the Drupal plugin system and how to use it. Learn about the basic Symfony framework on which Drupal is built.
    • HttpKernel 
    • HttpFoundation 
    • EventDispatcher 
    • Classloader 
    • YAML 
    • Routing 
    • DependencyInjection 
  • Major API Use
    • Form API
      Build forms into your modules by using the form API in Drupal.
    • Routing
      Make your own menu items code.
    • Permissions
      We learn to use the hook permission and check for permissions in the code.
    • Database
      Learn how to perform queries or updates on Drupal's database.
    • Variables
      Drupal works with variables. How do you edit them?
    • User API
      Use appropriate functions to interact with user objects.
    • Node API
      Learn all about functions that interact with nodes.
    • Blocks
    • Use the API to create blocks in code.
    • Testing
      We will learn to create a simple test in drupal using the simple test API.
  • Best Practices
    Drupal has its own coding standards. In addition to these, we'll show you how to code the Drupal way.