Drupal training

Unleash the Drupal hero within yourself thanks to our training programmes. Whether you are new to Drupal 8, experienced or already an expert, we can provide the training that is suited to your needs.

Planning on becoming a Drupal 8 hero?


For developers
Planning on becoming a Drupal 8 developer? Excellent! We love the Drupal CMS, and we are convinced you will do, too.

For companies
Looking to use Drupal 8 as your WCM platform of choice to enable digital transformation at you organisation? Great! Drupal is a reliable, future-proof and scalable choice. The Drupal CMS will lead the way to create and maintain digital experiences and connects business requirements with technical needs and capabilities.

Why our Dropsolid training sessions?

  • You will learn to build your own Drupal website (starter training) or receive advanced training (coding and theming training).
  • A boost of your professional career and personal development
  • Insights, tips and tricks from established, highly skilled Drupal developers
  • Unlock Drupal's full potential and learn how to use it in a project context
  • Start using our best practices straight away and lower you dev time and costs

Our dedicated Drupal trainers work on high-profile projects that pose complex challenges - the best teachers you could possibly imagine. Additionaly, we are accredited by the Flemish Government through the kmo-portefeuille subsidy programme.

Need to convince your employer?

  • We have accreditadion from Agentschap Ondernemen and our training sessions qualify for the kmo-portefeuille programme. You could claim up to 40% off the total training price.
  • 100% active Drupal community members as your trainers. This increases productivity and generates more turnover for your business.
  • Drupal can be used to enable  growth across teams - activate your sales and marketing teams through Drupal solutions development!
  • Tempted to sign up for the combined training week (7 days)? A 10% discount will be your reward.

 Happy customers

Our training sessions accomodate clients across all different fields and sectors:

  • Education professionals looking to teach Drupal 8 to their students. References include Hogeschool Gent, Arteveldehogeschool, HoWest, Ghent University,...
  • Large companies and enterprises who rely on Drupal to build digital experiences: Synergie Jobs, Dynaco, TVH,...
  • Organisations in charge of a large group of members and looking to distribute communications through Drupal: Boerenbond, UNIZO, Fairtrade,... 
  • Marketing and communications agencies: DM&S, Thesedays,...
  • Freelance developers and content editors

Which training suits your profile best?

  • Managers, marketeers and sales people are best suitd with our discover training to get an introduction into Drupal.
  • IT and digital managers, marketing managers, webmasters and content managers can follow our Drupal site building training to get to know the ins and outs of the Drupal interface.
  • Developers, Freelance developers and teaching staff can use our coding training to familiarise themselves with the Drupal API and start programming.
  • Front-end developers and designers can use our theming training to learn how to change the Drupal front-end.

The proof of our knowledge sharing? Our Drupal 8 guide!

A joint effort by our trainers and developers led to the publication of our own Drupal training manual in 2016. Interested to find out who the faces behind the authors' names are? Sign up now!


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