Drupal Training

Our Drupal training courses are tailored to the needs of you, your team, and your company. Learn Drupal from leading experts in Europe, to get your knowledge up to date.
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Drupal and Dropsolid, the perfect match


+50 Drupal experts


+620 years of Drupal experience


+10.000 Drupal contributions

Learn Drupal from leading specialists in Europe

  • Since Dropsolid was founded in 2013, our focus has been on Drupal.
  • Our +50 Drupal specialists take each other - and you - to the next level.
  • We build all our digital experiences with Drupal based Dropsolid Experience Cloud.
  • Our technical experts (as well as trainers), manage more than 1,800 Drupal environments.
  • Hardly any challenge is new for us because of our +620 years of combined Drupal experience.
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A Drupal training entirely tailored to you

All our Drupal training courses are fully customized and given by our Drupal experts. Together we determine in advance the objective, content, and deadline. Because every team is unique, with different needs and a different approach, we always provide training with a personal touch. 

Curious about the concrete details of a Drupal training? We have 4 examples ready for you. 

The main advantages of a Drupal training at Dropsolid

  1. No standard training, but training tailored to you and your team 
  2. Hands-on knowledge to get started right away 
  3. Learn how to build your own website as efficiently as possible 
  4. Start with best practices, so you always work correctly (code, content, layout, SEO...) 
  5. Discover the possibilities of Drupal for your specific marketing or tech profile  
  6. Know when to hire a developer (or not) and learn what you can do yourself

These companies attended a Drupal training

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Our Drupal training courses are always tailored to:


Your organization


Your personal profile


Your digital maturity


Your specific needs

Need additional Drupal expertise on your team?

Choose - in addition to training your team - an additional Dropsolid expert on your team. Count on the knowledge of our specialists. Close by, or from a distance. Long-term, or for a short period. One day a week, or full-time. You choose, based on your needs.

Frequently asked questions about our Drupal trainings

Where do the Drupal training courses take place?

Physically in one of our offices or at your place. Prefer an external location? No problem! More fan of a digital training? We can do that too. You choose what suits you and your team best.

Who is hosting the Drupal training?

The training is hosted live by a passionate Drupal expert in his field.

Do I need to bring anything for the Drupal training?

A computer is essential, Drupal works on all devices. We take care of the rest! 

There is no need to install anything on your computer. 

How do I subscribe for a Drupal training?

Via this form, you can ask all your questions and tell us what course you're looking for. Our experts will compose the right training to fit your needs.