ITZU: a strong digital platform for a multi-brand organization

The ITZU group needed a multi-site, multi-brand and multi-channel platform. We built it so they can now centrally manage all their content by brand.
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One of the biggest challenges for the ITZU Group is finding the right people and building long-term partnerships with them.


To ensure the best (digital) experience for their candidates, three phases were developed:

  1. Discovery
  2. Design & Refine
  3. Build


A multi-site, multi-brand, and multi-channel. A Digital Experience Platform (DXP) with a clear and consistent journey for all candidates. All content is now centrally managed by the marketing team and can be deployed on each site by brand.

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The three pillars of ITZU

The ITZU Group focuses on people's talents and strengths to help individuals and organizations to grow. The ITZU Group aims to be a Talent Partner for candidates and companies through their HR brand ITZU and their facilities brand EAZER (a partner for companies on facility, maintenance, and technics).

To excel in this, the ITZU Group aims to generate a constant influx of talent. Crucial to this is their focus on 3 major pillars:


Strong brand perception

Improve, strengthen, and expand (geographically) the brand awareness of all brands within the ITZU Group.


Excellent candidate experience

Offer a seamless (digital) experience to ensure that candidates and organizations choose ITZU as a talent partner and EAZER as a partner for facility solutions, and thereby enter into a long-term partnership.


Supporting growth

Create a scalable digital platform that quickly can be expanded to include new services and markets, is easy to integrate, and has a short time to value.


The ITZU Group chose Dropsolid as its partner to develop a digital experience strategy and build a multi-site, multi-brand and multi-channel Digital Experience Platform (DXP).

3-part solution for ITZU

The solution for the ITZU Group consists of 3 parts:

  1. A discovery phase
  2. A design and refine phase
  3. An iterative building phase

Part 1 - The discovery phase with an eye on the future

Together with all stakeholders, we determined the strategic scope. What do we want to achieve, and for which target groups? All goals, concerns, and desires were voiced and formulated on post-it notes.

A strong online presence starts with a strong knowledge of the business, the end user, the technical capabilities of the platform and its underlying architecture. In the Discovery journey, Dropsolid's strategists and architects worked with the ITZU Group stakeholders to define their long-term digital strategy. This resulted in the key requirements for their Digital Experience Platform based on 3 needs.


The needs of all key stakeholders: candidates, companies and employees.


The needs of the ITZU Group marketing team responsible for managing the platform.


The existing ITZU Group enterprise architecture, with multiple brands working with a central ATS and CRM.

Why start with a Discovery track? This was necessary to make sure we were building for impact. Based on the full Discovery roadmap, we determined which steps made sense for the ITZU Group. We started with business goals expressed in end-user context and frustrations, to finally end with a visual and verifiable prototype. We did this within the time frame of about a month.

Part 2 - The design and refinement phase where everything revolves around design

In this phase the look and feel was defined in a brand book. With one thought in mind: design is everything. The ITZU Group developed a brand guide for its ITZU and EAZER brands. The Dropsolid designers worked closely with the branding partner to realize the full potential of the design. While the designers were busy creating the visual story, the functional analysts pulled out all the stops to refine the technical details needed to begin development.

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Part 3 - An iterative construction phase with multi-site flexibility

A phase to build the platform and roll out the various websites from there. After discussions with the ITZU Group team, we came to the conclusion that the best solution would be a multi-market setup. With this setup, ITZU Group can easily add new websites and domains as needed. While avoiding large installation costs or multiple back-end systems to manage content. All content is centrally managed by ITZU Group's marketing team and can be displayed on any website. Based on employees' roles, users are given different rights to add websites. This is important for the marketing team.

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The Connexys ATS integration

One of the most complex parts of this success story is the integration with Connexys ATS. Connexys ATS is the beating heart of an organization like ITZU. It is the one place where ITZU manages job postings and candidates. From there, job content is automatically copied to the appropriate websites.

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The result?

  1. Currently, 5 websites are already live.
  2. A clear and consistent journey through the different ITZU Group brands for each stakeholder.
  3. A range of creative, dynamic websites in line with the new ITZU Group brand guides.
  4. Flexibility and simplicity for webmasters: each website functions the same way, has reusable components, and has an easy way to onboard new teammembers.
  5. Multiple high-performing websites with a single back-end. Easily scalable when new brands are added, not to mention optimized response times due to the architecture chosen.
  6. The ITZU Group is now all set for the next step in growing to digital maturity to add more channels to the digital experience platform with more advanced email automation journeys.
  7. The beginning of developing a methodology to grow step by step with multiple websites to make the online experience even more relevant and personalized.
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About ITZU Group

ITZU Group was founded by three entrepreneurs from Limburg with international ambitions. In their own way, they want to be disruptive in the HR and facility sector. They do this using an innovative approach by putting people first. Sustainability, diversity, and inclusion are core values in their organization. Anno 2023, ITZU Group as a service group is an unburdening, strategic talent partner in HR and Facility for individuals and companies.