Digital experiences for religious organizations

Drive change for your religious community and its members with a remarkable digital experience. Combine a scalable, high-performance platform with captivating content to advance your mission and spread the word of your faith-based organization.
religious community

Build relationships within your religious community

Powerful digital experiences are essential for faith-based organizations looking to connect with their community and attract new members. A Digital Experience Platform (DXP) enables them to create engaging and personalized interactions that embody their mission’s core values and resonate with their audience. They can use a centralized platform to promote their mission and vision through local content distribution while retaining full IT control. This approach helps to engage and retain members to build a thriving community united by faith and purpose.

How a digital experience helps religious organizations

In a world where connecting is key, advanced digital capabilities enable you to better connect with your local and regional branches. A comprehensive Digital Experience Platform (DXP) like Dropsolid Experience Cloud allows for seamless integration of various digital touchpoints, ensuring that messages, events, and overall mission are consistently conveyed across all channels. This improves member engagement and participation and enables your organization to track and analyze engagement metrics. As a result, you can tailor future communications and campaigns more effectively.

Expand your religious community with Dropsolid Experience Cloud

Deliver personalized digital customer experiences with Dropsolid Experience Cloud to engage and retain your members. Our open Digital Experience Platform (DXP) provides the ecosystem your faith-based community needs to reach its audience through various channels. This helps you to spread your message in a targeted way. Dropsolid Experience Cloud is based on open-source technology. It acts as a foundation for your digital presence and integrates easily with all other platforms and tools in your existing software ecosystem, including Church Management Software (ChMS) and email marketing tools


Drupal, open source and your religious organization

At Dropsolid, we use the power of Drupal and open source for the needs of faith-based communities. We rely on Drupal as the underlying core for Dropsolid Experience Cloud and the digital experiences we build for our clients. Drupal is a leading open-source technology that provides a flexible, sustainable and future-proof foundation for almost any global digital experience.

DXP advantages for teams at religious organizations

Expanding the digital experience for your religious organization requires an integrated approach. A future-proof DXP uses a scalable architecture to grow alongside your organization and integrates with your existing marketing tools and other software. Dropsolid Experience Cloud is here to help. With a focus on flexibility, scalability, and deployment of open-source technology that includes Drupal, Mautic and Apache Unomi, your teams get a CMS, marketing automation, and personalization tailored to the needs of your community.