Ep. 8 | When Drupal meets AI: the future of personalized experiences

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DXP & AI & Drupal

In today's fast-changing digital world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) are changing how businesses talk to customers. In this episode of the Digital Experience Podcast, Dominique De Cooman and Frederik Wouters, Senior Enterprise Architect at Dropsolid, discuss how AI enhances the best digital experiences. Their conversation covers content management, marketing automation, and how personalization is key to improving customer experiences.

During their talk, Frederik shares how AI is making big changes in content management, including creating media and text and making it easier to communicate in many languages. They focus on the strong connection between Drupal and AI, especially with open-source data, showing the possibility for fast AI growth and use.

This episode shows how AI in digital platforms is not just about doing tasks automatically, but about making digital experiences more personal, efficient, and engaging. We’ll look at how AI is being used in DXP, the challenges of adding it to systems, and the big effect it has on the digital plans of businesses and organizations worldwide.