Is your digital investment worth it? Calculate the ROI and find out now!

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Calculate your ROI

Why is it so important to properly calculate the Return On Investment (ROI) of your digital project? Outstanding digital experiences require an investment both in cost - the euros - and in effort from your team - the man-hours. To maximize the return on that investment, a strong business case is crucial. Also an important asset when defending your investment to your company's management, by the way.

Calculate your ROI 

ROI calculator

How do you calculate the ROI of your digital experience?

Costs are made in several areas: the platform itself, the implementation, the data integrations, the necessary accessibility, the UX research, the digital and data strategy, the puzzle in your existing enterprise architecture, the maintenance contract, and SLA to keep your platform secure and performing and all your important details of the cookie consent strategy and additional module.

The return on your investment spreads across all these domains. You probably think first about marketing: more leads, higher Customer Lifetime Value, and a lower lead acquisition cost. Or the IT-added value: security, performance, and scalability. But it goes much further than that. For example, think about:

  1. More efficient teams: content editors can work faster, but also your customer service, for example, gets fewer calls because your online self-service is better.
  2. Smarter data handling: your customer experience becomes more relevant, and you can make better data-driven decisions.
  3. Better accessibility: your user experience improves for a wider audience and all your customers, members, citizens, patients... get involved.
  4. … 


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How does the ROI calculator work exactly?

It requires a maximum of 15 minutes of your time. Based on a set of goals, questions, and context, you gain insight into the ROI of your digital investment. Is it worth it or not? We'll give it to you in hard numbers and with the right context.