Open technologies for a future of freedom

Are you already enjoying the freedom, flexibility and accessibility of open source? We are: it's in our DNA – and we'd love to give you a taste of it too. As a tech company par excellence, we can advise you on the technology that is best suited to your business. Is it open? Perfect. Not quite sure yet? Then we'll find out together.
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The right technology for your business? An important choice! It's the perfect match between your business goals, your vision and your budget. Together, we'll find the right technology and integrate it seamlessly into your existing tech stack.

4 technologies at the heart of our open source vision

We love open source and we prefer the technologies below. Why open source? It allows you to stay in control of your own code and your data. Still prefer to opt for another choice? No problem – integrations are our bread and butter.

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From openness to open source

You might have already noticed: all our preferred technologies are open. Open source is in our DNA. Why? Ever since our inception, we have celebrated this open vision. This is relevant to you, too, because we believe in sharing our knowledge, code and talent with all our customers. We teach your team to work with all the available tools, so you’re empowered to use them yourself. This is how we create freedom. The freedom to make decisions independently. The freedom to choose the partners you work with. And the freedom to integrate other technologies.

Our people? Specialists in their field!

Our 90-strong team is made up of experts from all over Europe. From developers to architects, from analysts to marketers: all fans of open source, and it shows. In addition to sharing our knowledge at events like DrupalCon, we sponsor open source events, we contribute to Drupal and Mautic on a daily basis and we have a database full of tutorials, blogs and best practices.

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Cloud, hybrid cloud or on-prem?

Thanks to Dropsolid Experience Cloud, our open DXP, a hybrid cloud setup is another possibility. We can connect with cloud providers including Google Cloud, AWS and Azure. Do you have a strict Data Protection Officer as your colleague? We also host software on-premises or at more exotic locations, including inside the Chinese firewall.

Customers growing alongside us

Your current tech stack? We'll work with that too!

Open source is our preferred approach. That doesn’t mean we leave other technology aside. Today’s technology is evolving at a record pace – and so are we. Is your current technology not on our list? No problem, our experts will integrate your current tech stack seamlessly. That’s exactly what makes open source so fantastic.

The right technology for your business?