When we talk about Conversion Optimization, the goal is always to increase the conversion rate. The conversion rate is percentage of the number of website visitors perform the desired action on your website. This can range from making a purchase, to filling out a form or reading a certain piece of content. In this training we will go deeper into the setup of your conversions, the effectiveness of your conversions and the optimization of them. 


Who's this training for? 

  • Webmasters
  • Marketing or communication officers 


Do you need prior knowledge?

A limited prior knowledge of web, Google Analytics, or Hotjar is helpful. The training is always tailored to the level of the participants.


The contents of the training 

  • You get more insights into the needs of your online target audience. 
  • You increase the conversions of your digital channels.
  • Your online experience is better designed.
  • You learn to better understand your visitors through online tools such as surveys, heatmaps and recordings.
  • You learn to better understand your visitor through usability testing, among other things.