Not sure how to start with marketing automation? Your projects depend on a good strategy. The training below gives you the tools to focus on the fundamentals of the strategy, think things through, and make an efficient start.

Who's this training for? 

For everyone who: 

  1. Want to start with marketing automation, 
  2. Wants to get the most of its marketing automation, 
  3. Wants the right tools to get full potential out of their marketing automation.


Rather looking for a specific training focused on Mautic? Then our Mautic Training is for you!


The advantages of this training  

  • get more out of your marketing automation,
  • start in a result-driven way,
  • to follow a logical flow and to work in a structured way.
  • build validated funnels
  • learn how to implement this technique yourself

Get started with marketing automation yourself