Enterprise digital experiences for multinational corporations

Grow your competitive edge with a scalable digital experience that seamlessly integrates into your existing ecosystem and tools. Maintain oversight across all your brands while empowering regional teams to manage local content and strategies.

Global digital experiences for multinationals with impact across all territories

Successful enterprise organizations require more than fast, smart and secure digital experiences. They need a scalable, global platform that offers centralized management while giving regional teams the freedom to create customized experiences tailored to their local audiences. An open Digital Experience Platform combines the best of both worlds, catering to the needs of both your business teams and your end customers.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Global reach, branding and personalization for multinationals
  2. DXP for multinationals with Dropsolid Experience Cloud
  3. Digital experience advantages for multinational corporations
  4. Dropsolid for multinationals
  5. Integrations for your multinational-ecosystem
  6. Customer success story: Soudal
  7. The power of Drupal

Combine global reach, consistent branding and customer personalization

A unified digital experience is crucial for multinational enterprises operating across different markets. A seamless digital experience enables leading organizations to maintain a consistent brand experience for customers worldwide while improving operational efficiency through centralized management and integrations with other leading platforms. At the same time, smart marketing automation and additional tools help you gather and analyze customer data more efficiently, in turn helping you create tailored experiences, products, and services that meet local preferences while keeping a tight grip on your global brand strategy.

Build a DXP with Dropsolid Experience Cloud

Build, launch, and maintain your personalized digital customer experiences with Dropsolid Experience Cloud. Faster, smarter, and more secure digital experiences with full enterprise capabilities. Dropsolid’s open Digital Experience Platform (DXP) provides the ecosystem that multinational enterprises need to serve their target audiences through various digital touchpoints. This way, you make your digital experiences more relevant and easier to control for every single brand in every single market. Dropsolid Experience Cloud is completely open and based on open-source technology. This means it integrates easily with all other platforms and tools in your existing digital ecosystem.

Digital experience advantages for multinational corporations


Global reach, consistent localized branding

A Digital Experience Platform enables you to stay in control of your global IT infrastructure and branding and ensure a consistent brand experience for customers worldwide. Managed access allows your headquarters to stay in control, while providing the freedom to your local teams to provide market-specific content.


Personalization and customer engagement

Use aggregate data and integrated marketing tools to analyze customer behavior across different markets. This helps you to improve your brand strategy and keep on top of new trends.


Operational efficiency

Streamline your operations with Dropsolid Experience Cloud as the backbone to reduce costs, simplify management and enhance productivity. Link your existing ERP and CRM with your preferred marketing and analytics tools to create an integrated, coherent environment.


Innovation and future-proofness

Use a future-proof Digital Experience Platform and scalable architecture to rapidly expand with new websites and tools as your business grows its brands in new markets.

Dropsolid for multinationals

At Dropsolid, we build digital experiences for multinational enterprises through our open Digital Experience Platform (DXP). With a strong focus on flexibility, scalability, and deployment of open-source technology, including Drupal, Mautic, and Apache Unomi, your teams get a CMS, marketing automation, and personalization tailored to the needs of your global business.

Integrations for your digital experience ecosystem

Integrations are crucial in building a future-proof architecture. Multinationals have to respond fast to market changes and new opportunities, and that’s where integrations come into play. Dropsolid Experience Cloud is the perfect foundation for connecting with an integration hub or platform so you can connect your current and new MarTech tools for your global business. Built with APIs and webhooks at its core, Dropsolid Experience Cloud is the preferred platform for leading multinationals organizations to build their digital future.

Our multinational clients

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Multinational in the spotlight: Soudal

Catering to different audiences in local markets with your global brand is a continuous challenge. A powerful Digital Experience Platform (DXP) helps to keep control of content distribution and brand management across target markets worldwide.

Soudal: multi-site experience for professionals and DIY buyers everywhere

As a major European brand, Soudal caters to a wide range of audiences in different countries, with different languages. Feeding the right product information – from a Product Information Management (PIM) database with over 12.000 entries – to the intended local audience, including multimedia content like pictures, video tutorials and manuals, is no small feat. That is why we created a multi-site experience with multi-domain and multilingual capabilities, to ensure a scalable website environment that could easily cater to its more than 100.000 monthly website sessions.


Making sure to present the right product information to Soudal’s target audience in a specific country, in a specific language.


A powerful platform with multi-domain and multi-language capabilities for multiple audiences.


A user-friendly website for different target groups in up to 30 languages, leading to a 4-time increase in organic traffic through SEO. (In addition to the FeWeb Award for best B2B website in Belgium.)

Lessons from the success of Soudal

The Soudal case study demonstrates how enterprises can simplify their complexity using a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) approach that caters to the needs of large brands operating in multiple territories. Central management of content and integrations with existing tools like PIMs help to deliver the right content to the right audience at the right time, while future-proof technology enables to scale content delivery further to new markets.

Take advantage of Drupal and open source

At Dropsolid, we leverage the power of Drupal and open source for enterprise needs. We rely on Drupal as the underlying core for Digital Experience Cloud and the digital experiences we build for our multinational clients. Drupal is leading open-source technology that provides a flexible, sustainable and future-proof foundation for almost any global digital experience.