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Respond to the ever-changing playing field and make sure you can re-use existing components across new applications and channels.
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Provide a future-proof architecture

Composable enterprises (Gartner - The future of business is composable) are businesses that are able to adapt to an ever-changing or so-called VUCA world. They do so by leveraging a modular structure and composable architecture, enabling them to shift rapidly while their environment is both being built and changed.

Composable architecture implies connecting different systems in an organization through their APIs. The key requirement is smooth collaboration between different components.

A secure, scalable and connected enterprise architecture

Data integrations are essential, yet at the same time complex to execute. Your data must not fall into the wrong hands, and GDPR requirements are crucial, too. That’s why data security is so important.

As a business, you want to be able to respond quickly to changes in the market. Fast integration of existing components across new channels and applications requires flexibility. That is where enterprise integration hubs come in. They connect new and old systems dynamically, enabling new integrations through drag-and-drop.

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Business Intelligence

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Integration hubs

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It's even easier to integrate with Dropsolid Experience Cloud

Thanks to our extensive experience with open source  and plug-ins, modules, and webhooks, we’ve accumulated plenty of knowledge around integrations. Dropsolid Experience Cloud provides the right webhooks out of the box, so you can connect quickly with an integration hub or platform. We’re also building our own integration hub, which bypasses the single-integration or single-task fee that tools like Zapier charge. You simply integrate all your tools for a fixed cost. With APIs and webhooks at its core, Dropsolid Experience Cloud is long-term-oriented and future-proof.

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