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Ai personalization

Online personalization has become a hot topic. At Dropsolid, we jumped at this opportunity early as a digital frontrunner. Back in 2018, we launched an audacious marketing innovation project that revolved around Artificial Intelligence. Today, we are very proud of our first customers using this technology. Together we prove their business cases for personalization, every single day.

Pioneers in Drupal personalization

Dropsolid developed the first Open Digital Experience Platform in Europe. It is the first affordable solution on the continent that allows mid-sized organizations to stay in control of all the data and components on their digital platform. This allows for countless further customization opportunities. We put the power back into the hands of developers and marketers, so they can work together to build the ultimate digital customer experience. Dropsolid Experience Cloud allows marketers to improve their existing Drupal websites with AI-driven personalization. We are leading the way in Europe with this approach. At the same time, we keep contributing to the Drupal community by means of the Unomi module on drupal.org. Let’s have a deeper look at how this works.

What does the Unomi module do?

Apache Unomi is an Open Source Customer Data Platform. This technology lies at the basis of our personalization. Unomi gathers all interaction data of users on your website and allows you to connect with other data sources. This enables you to build visitor segments, based on a few basic parameters and rules.

The Unomi module that Dropsolid released for Drupal allows you to connect your Drupal 8 website to Unomi. It lets you personalize the so-called Paragraphs on your website by displaying certain content to specific Unomi segments, while hiding other pages.

What else is Dropsolid Experience Cloud capable of?

Unomi is a very powerful platform: it is open and scalable. You can download, install, host and maintain Unomi all by yourself. By installing the Unomi module on your website, you connect your content with your visitors’ data. Do you have your own team of technical experts who can keep this functionality up and running? Then you can get started straight away.

Alternatively, do you prefer to allocate your resources differently and set your team to work to draw up brilliant campaigns that you can run using your technology stack? Dropsolid Experience Cloud is here to help you.

There will be no more technical set-up and support to worry about. Hosting, maintenance and support for your Drupal and Unomi environments are all taken care of by Dropsolid. You will benefit from a reliable, secure and scalable platform that helps your team develop and deploy faster.

Marketers can use the centralized and user-friendly UI to their advantage to define all segments and reuse them in Drupal and, for example, the Mautic marketing automation platform. In addition, you can use the power of AI and Machine Learning to gain improved insight on your data and to automate user segmentation. 

If you add Mautic Marketing Automation to Dropsolid Experience Cloud, you can start personalizing across all digital channels - including emails, for example -, identify visitors to your website and enrich your universal customer profiles with campaign data.

The numbers behind Dropsolid Experience Cloud:

  • Dropsolid has invested more than €3 million in its platform, including two VLAIOgrants.  
  • A dedicated R&D team works full-time on our AI engine and cloud platform.
  • The Dropsolid cloud processes over 9 million requests per day, across nearly 2,000 environments.
  • Over 180,000 jobs executed on the platform for and by our customers.



The power of AI

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are being incorporated into every area of expertise. While these technologies will never be able to replace marketers completely, they are indispensable in making them more successful. The possibilities are nearly endless.

AI and Machine Learning can truly deliver their full potential when used to process complex datasets at large scale. This sort of work would typically pose a tremendous challenge to human employees looking to sift through the numbers. AI-generated results are generated extremely quickly and can be used directly to solve your business cases.

Dropsolid Experience Cloud’s AI maps all your visitor on-site behaviour. It detects behavioural patterns and clusters of visitors with similar browsing actions. As a next step, our AI is able to assign new visitors into one of the segments it has created. This smart prediction and segmentation allows a much wider variety of use cases than manual segmentation, since visitor behaviour can very quickly become complicated. Visitors with different browsing behaviours might be looking for the same content, but marketers’ capacity for setting up manual segments is limited. With AI, you can deliver a personalized experience to every visitor, regardless of their user journey on your website.

The platform hands you deeper insights that allow you to act directly to improve your customer experience. Easy-to-use dashboards and clear visual reporting help you to get to know your users even better. AI segmentation can be used for in-depth personalization, which in turn helps your marketers work smarter and more efficiently.

Are you ready for AI personalization?

Leading businesses and organizations rely on Dropsolid Experience Cloud to take their digital customer experience to the next level. Are you ready to offer your stakeholders a personalized digital experience and make a difference?

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