Make or change the layout or theme of your website

During Drupal Theming training you will learn all about creating and modifying the layout or theme of your website.

Who's this training for?

  • Front-ender: You know the basics (HTML, CSS, jQuery, SASS & Javascript), but don't know how to get your design onto a Drupal website? Then take this course and learn all about theming in Drupal.
  • Sitebuilder: You know how to set up a Drupal website and how to extend it with modules? Now it's time to learn how to change your site's theme or apply your own.
  • Developper: You know how to manipulate your code and how to extend Drupal without your own modules? This course will give you a better understanding of Drupal's theming layer.
  • Hobbyist: Drupal is your system of choice. You try to build small websites regularly. This course will help you change the layout of your Drupal website by applying a theme.

Do you need prior knowledge? 

Knowledge of Drupal Sitebuilding is highly recommended. Some knowledge of Drupal Coding is helpful as we also dive into the code, use Xdebug and fall back on HTML, CSS, SASS, and Javascript..

What is the value of this training? 

  • Manipulate your site's display to gain additional control over your website
  • You can convert any static design into a Drupal theme
  • Any developer who takes this course will have a better understanding of the tasks of a Drupal front-ender.
  • Front-enders learn the power of base themes and how to speed up their theme build time by using them.
  • Deliver powerful user experiences to your customers by learning how to implement Drupal's theming layer.

An example

Stuck with standard templates?

Using existing templates can be great, but they don't always offer what you're looking for. After this Drupal training course, you'll be able to write and modify your own templates.

Course content 

  • Twig basics
  • Themes: What are themes in Drupal? Anatomy of a theme.
  • Base themes: Extension of existing themes.
  • Libraries: How to organize your CSS/JS.
  • Preprocess: Explanation of Drupal preprocess functions.
  • Template files (tpl.php): Learn what template files are and how to use them.
  • Responsive images: We'll teach you how to work with a powerful Drupal tool. 
  • Drupal Javascript specifics: Learn which tools Drupal gives you to implement your Javascript.