Managed services, keeping your platform secure, high-performing and up-to-date

We make sure your Drupal platform and its infrastructure always meet the highest standards and the latest requirements. This keeps your platforms secure and high-performing at all times.

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Why are managed services so important?

Just like every other technology and CMS, Drupal evolves rapidly. The art is in being on the ball: making sure your platforms meet the latest requirements in security, monitoring, evolution, hosting capacity, and performance.

Our experts give you complete peace of mind that your Drupal environment and its related infrastructure is up to date. Using our in-depth technical knowledge, we keep your platforms secure and high-performing and we handle incidents the right way, with clear agreements. You can rest assured that our team is monitoring everything proactively.

How does Dropsolid approach managed services?

We attach a great deal of importance to our quality and service levels and your personal preferences. That’s why we offer managed services on different levels. Together, we choose the right model that best fits your wishes and needs.

We build websites with our own Drupal teams, but we can also easily work together on a project with your team. Using this method, we manage over 700 open source applications.

Always up to date

Evolve proactively alongside the open-source evolution. Build continuously on a solid foundation without taking any security risks and keep your platforms up to date.

Hosting environment (optional)

Our specialty: Drupal hosting, both maintenance and infrastructure. Your environments in perfect sync with your digital platforms. Our developers and hosting team work closely together for Drupal-optimized performance.

Incident management

Respond faster to incidents and get immediate assistance. Our escalation plan is tailored to your operations.

Deployment tools

CI/CD method: frequent application updates using automated steps. We work on your development as a single team, using a release-based method. The result? Fully aligned code, which minimizes errors and improves collaboration with your team. 

Smooth and constant communication, always

To respond to incidents, our customer service desk is always available. We have four project teams working on the evolution of your platforms, and we take care of your platform maintenance through a support agreement. This way, we always keep your operations running. Incident reports help us react fast. If an issue arises, we get a clear overview of the underlying causes, so we can quickly formulate a solution and implement it.

Control and peace of mind with Dropsolid Experience Cloud

Dropsolid Experience Cloud enables you to manage your digital experiences on a single platform. You can sign up for our platform as you wish. We provide a Software Deployment Tool and the appropriate infrastructure. This combination enables easy development of and security updates for your Drupal environment. 

The advantages of Dropsolid Experience Cloud

We are convinced that we can offer the best managed services if we take complete control of both the service and infrastructure layers, and the deployment process. Using this configuration, including Dropsolid Experience Cloud, we also offer a 24/7 SLA. Do you prefer your own hosting environment? Sure! We can connect easily with our deployment tools.


Lower overhead costs

A decrease in overhead costs through automation of version and change deployment.


Version management

Version control allows you to roll back to a previous working version, should problems arise.



Centralized ownership of the entire environment.


Evolutive maintenance

Strict separation between your Drupal environment’s code and content allows for easy evolutive maintenance (CI/CD).



Stability in the upgrade and update process of the Drupal environment.


Smooth collaboration

Want to work with your own developers, our team, or in cooperation? The choice is all yours.

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