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Member organization: member to ambassador

A membership organization stands or falls on the engagement of its community. After all, it is this easy: without members, there is no membership organization. Yet it is not as simple as it sounds. Attracting, managing and retaining members is a challenge many organizations face.

The problem of member organizations

Our society today is hectic. People are busy, and asking for their commitment and engagement is not a given. The modern world is constantly changing. Membership organizations must keep up, make sure they are responsive to members' needs, and always keep up with trends. And then there's that big challenge: You've attracted members, great! But how do you retain them?

Who benefits from seamless digital experiences at a membership organization?

The members

Let me demonstrate with a practical example. We follow Dirk's journey from non-member to committed ambassador. In doing so, we illustrate how an optimal digital experience adds value to his story.

Dirk, an experienced asparagus farmer, joins an organization for gardeners and farmers. He seeks connection with like-minded people, help with difficult issues, and legal assistance when needed.

  1. Dirk has an innovative idea with his asparagus but is not sure how to proceed with it. On social media, he bumps into a post from the member organization introducing a colleague who works around strategy, sales & product development. His interest is triggered, and he clicks through to the website.
  2. During his website visit, he sees an article on wildflower funding in the side margin. Something he wasn't aware of yet but is interested in. He clicks on it, reads the article, and hangs a post-it on his desk to look at later. (A post-it he later loses, of course...)
  3. He returns to the page about the innovation officer, fills out the form to contact him, and indicates his preferred channel: phone. He also immediately subscribes to the newsletter and indicates his preferred topics.
  4. A few hours later, Dirk is contacted by the innovation officer who spars with him about his asparagus idea and refers him to a podcast episode that prompts him to take the next steps.
  5. A week later, Dirk receives a personalized newsletter based on his preferred topics, which he has ticked himself, as well as his online surfing behavior on the website. One of the highlighted articles is an information session in his neighborhood about the subsidy for wildflower beds. He vaguely remembers the lost post-it and immediately signs up.
  6. Comrade farmer Rudy is also interested in wildflower fields. Through a member-gets-member promotion, Rudy, too, can register for free.
  7. Together Dirk and Rudy join the info moment and get the necessary information they are looking for. Rudy is excited, becomes a member, and Dirk gets a nice discount on his membership fee.
  8. A few days later, both Rudy and Dirk receive an NPS mailing in their mailbox polled for their feedback, expectations and tips.
  9. As icing on the cake, Dirk and Rudy can now also visit the member organization's extensive forum, where they can spar, ask questions, and inspire one another with their fellow farmers.


The member organization itself

Because of the online presence and relevant articles, they added not one, but two members. Both Dirk and Rudy became members together because of the relevant information they were offered.

Want to bet that Dirk knows other farmer colleagues who would benefit from such a membership?


Member organization employees

It's not just the member organization that wins with a seamless digital experience. With clear online information, members find their own way through a mass of information. The support team is relieved, the recruitment team responds more easily to needs and marketing finds pain points, benefits, and relevant topics easier to create content around.

The solution: back to basics

Put your members first

In a digitally evolved world, members expect a seamless and relevant experience. Providing them with the best digital experience is essential.

Connect online

Marketing automation, such as newsletters and NPS mailings, allows membership organizations to make effective and personal connections with their members. Personalized content and mailings further strengthen this connection.

Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

A DXP combines all of these elements so that your membership organization can thrive in a digital age. And guess what? Our approachable platform provides you with the right tools to capitalize on this nicely.

Een Digital Experience Platform, wat is dat?

Easily managing digital experiences is typically done with a DXP, a Digital Experience Platform. Such a platform fills in a lot of challenges and gives you the tools to:

  • centrally manage and distribute your content across your various channels,
  • consistently follow your brand guidelines everywhere and make the necessary templates available,
  • put your member at the center and build and automate journeys around him or her across channels,
  • securely integrate with your digital ecosystem such as reception, calendar and appointment management, CRM, member data... all while respecting privacy and GDPR,
  • gain relevant insights around digital journeys and online behavior of your various stakeholders,
  • provide you with the right tools to help your communications, online and IT teams work together more efficiently.

Accessibility is key

It is important that your online environment is accessible to everyone. This means that as a member organization, it is best to comply with WCAG standards to ensure that you are not excluding anyone.

11 guidelines

Our accessibility expert, Rembrand, wrote a blog with 11 guidelines for the most accessible platform possible.


We developed a checklist to make sure you can quickly get started making your website accessible to everyone.


Governments also need the most accessible platform possible. Read how they do this.

How do you get started on a seamless digital experience for your members?

Setting up a DXP completely and thoughtfully is not something you do quickly in 1-2-3. Work step by step, set the right priorities, and make appropriate decisions from the start.

  1. Start by creating a Digital Experience Strategy and roadmap. 
  2. Use tools that are available to get you started.
    1. Our Strategisch Scoping Canvas can be a great guide here. 
    2. Test your first steps in digital accessibility with our accessibility checklist.
    3. Making sure you're organically findable for your members? Then be sure to check out our SEO guide.
  3. Need additional expertise? Then our strategists, enterprise architects, UX designers and developers will be happy to help.
  4. Looking for inspiration? Then the cases below offer fresh ideas:


The digital age presents challenges, but more importantly, opportunities for membership organizations. By investing in the right tools and strategies, such as a DXP, you can provide a digital experience that not only retains your members, but transforms them into true ambassadors of your organization. And at Dropsolid, we're here to help you do just that.