Boerenbond: Knowledge sharing through co-sourcing

50% cost saving and the perfect balance between freedom, consistency and ownership.
Boerenbond dropsolid


A consistent online presence across all its different organizations regarding concept, design, CMS architecture and project management.


Dropsolid Experience Cloud provides a balance between Total Cost of Ownership, efficiency and freedom for individual corporate branding by subsidiaries. The Boerenbond webteam has full control on their own digital platform.


The perfect balance between freedom, consistency, ownership and cost control in a project with over 20 websites.

A consistent online presence across all subsidiaries

Although each subsidiary already had its own (legacy) website, there was a lack of overall structure. Boerenbond wanted to achieve a consistent online presence across its different organisations. After a workshop track with all stakeholders, we decided to set guidelines on the following aspects:

  • Concept and design
  • CMS architecture
  • Project management

An additional challenge for Boerenbond was the need for a fast lane for high-priority updates. Key points: extremely fast release time, manageable by a small internal team. Agility, speed and ease of maintenance were key drivers.

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Perfect balance between freedom, consistency, ownership and cost

The solution for Boerenbond? The perfect balance between freedom, consistency, ownership and cost

  • Excellent balance between the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), efficiency and room for individual corporate branding by subsidiaries, all made possible by using the Dropsolid Experience Cloud and its Rocketship installers
  • 50% cost savings for adding additional websites on the platform
  • Boerenbond's web team is less dependent on external partners thanks to internal knowledge-building and co-sourcing
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Shared knowledge as the key to success

Boerenbond teamed up with Dropsolid to co-create its digital future and to continue developing and enhancing existing online platforms. Combining resources and knowledge resulted in higher efficiency in development, maintenance and project updates. Boerenbond can now choose to involve our Dropsolid consultants at it sees fit. This on-demand approach s a textbook example of co-sourcing.

This approach is technically supported by the Dropsolid Platform, which we use to develop, deploy and maintain over 20 Boerenbond websites. The platform enables structured web development. All developers use the same set of standards and deployment of new features is done in an automated fashion. The platform is connected to development, pre-production and production environments. New features are tested, approved and deployed in a ‘continuous integration’ flow.

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The result?

Boerenbond was looking to intensify its collaboration with external suppliers. The on-demand use of our Dropsolid consultants allows the organisation to keep a tight check on its IT costs and call on a specific profile when needed. Additional cost savings were possible through advanced automation and use of our platform.

  • The Dropsolid Platform was installed and connected to development-, staging- and production environments.
  • Existing websites were migrated to the platform.
  • The Boerenbond website was enhanced with several new features, including a newsfeed, activity calendar, search module, subscription flow and preference centre.
  • We created a default install profile to speed up development of additional websites.
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About Boerenbond

Boerenbond is the largest professional organisation in the agricultural sector for farmers and horticulturists in Belgium. Its main focus lies on advocacy, education and information, services for members, alongside representation services and enablement of cooperation in production, supply and sales. Boerenbond is responsible for a variety of subsidiaries, including Dag Van De Landbouw (Agriculture Day) and Innovatiesteunpunt (a support center for the sector). Even though all associated organisations have the same underlying values and objectives, they are marked by individual corporate identities.

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