Digital experiences for tourism organizations

Market your destinations with a superior digital experience for your tourism board, agency or tourism platform. Showcase and manage a wide range of content that attracts more visitors and turns them into repeat customers.
Digitale ervaringen voor toerisme sector

Designing an easy-to-manage digital-first experience for visitors

A unified digital experience helps you to attract new tourists – and turn them into happy recurring visitors. Whether you’re looking to promote your destination for your private tourism agency, city marketing platform or government board, a user-friendly digital experience with fresh, regularly updated content is key. Leading tourism promotion agencies and private platforms use a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that enables their teams to maintain oversight of all promotional websites, campaigns and content, while providing a superior browsing experience that makes your destination and its highlights shine.

How scalable digital experiences help tourism agencies and tourism organizations

Branding and marketing are essential for government organizations, tourism boards, and private agencies looking to promote their destinations to potential visitors. Typical points of attention include limited promotional and IT budgets, scattered software tools, and a lack of content oversight and governance across regional promotional offices and business units responsible for different key destinations. A centralized Digital Experience Platform (DXP) like Dropsolid Experience Cloud helps you to address these issues while providing better marketing analytics for your teams and a superior visitor experience for your target audience. Scale your marketing and add new destinations effortlessly, while controlling your costs.

What is a Digital Experience Platform for the tourism sector?

A Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is an ecosystem of tools that centralizes all your websites, data, and content on a single, unified platform. It integrates with all existing and new software (such as marketing automation tools) and allows you to reach potential tourists through all digital touchpoints that your organization is using. A DXP enables regional teams to deliver targeted promotional content to the right audience while making your overall digital experience and IT systems easier to manage. Dropsolid Experience Cloud is the open DXP that helps grow your destinations’ presence.

Centralized management for regional tourism campaigns

The key benefits of a unified Digital Experience Platform are twofold. 

  1. First, a tourist agency’s central IT team can maintain a comprehensive overview of all associated websites and applications running on the platform. This streamlines problem-solving and reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), while making sure that all regulatory compliance and security standards in the platform’s ecosystem are fully adhered to
  2. Secondly, local teams can use their DXP as an easy-to-use foundation to build and maintain their own websites for local marketing campaigns, using standard components and templates that align with their organization’s branding.

Organizations we work with


Customer success story: Visit Flanders

Moving to a centralized Digital Experience Platform (DXP) helps tourism boards promote their key destinations while maintaining a tight grip on content management. IT integration, content governance, and campaign website ownership are key.

Promoting regional tourism through a pioneering digital experience

Visit Flanders is the Flemish government agency responsible for the sustainable development and promotion of Flanders as a tourist destination. Based out of Ghent, the organization works closely with local branches, partners and agents across the globe to highlight the region. We built a powerful digital platform that provides a seamless visitor experience while giving local teams the tools to grow their content at their own pace.

Tourism Flanders


A fragmented website architecture using different technologies with no overarching vision. This led to an inconsistent visitor experience and suboptimal, decentralized management.


The Dropsolid Experience Cloud DXP enabled the teams of Visit Flanders to build, manage, and evolve their digital experiences using a centralized architecture.


A successful switch to our multi-brand platform. The client’s teams can now grow their digital maturity and publish content independently while IT oversight is centralized.

Lessons from the success of Visit Flanders

The Visit Flanders case is an excellent example of a multi-branch tourism organization looking to create a manageable experience from its legacy content, websites, and web services created by different teams and departments. A fragmented website architecture leads to an inconsistent visitor experience and increases total overhead costs, such as software subscriptions, hosting, staff training, maintenance, and security. A scalable, visitor-centered solution in the form of Dropsolid Experience Cloud helps tourism boards and other tourist-oriented organizations to offer consistent digital experiences to their target groups across multiple channels while bringing costs down and improving content management and publication flows.

Calculate the ROI for your tourism organization

A centrally managed digital experience provides maximum ROI for all your teams. An integrated ecosystem helps you to keep your IT budget under control, while allowing your local teams to build new campaign websites fast and efficiently with standard building blocks and templates. Using our free ROI calculator for digital experiences, you can find out the return on your tourism sector business case investment in five minutes.