Customer data management and personalization with Apache Unomi

Collect all your customer data on a single platform and build 360-degree customer profiles.
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What is Apache Unomi?

Apache Unomi is an open-source customer data platform. It collects relevant customer data from various sources and stores them in one place. This provides not only a useful overview, but it also helps you to fine-tune your marketing actions to your end user or customer segment. All meaning you can build a consistent 360-degree customer profile for all your users.

We have built an intuitive user interface on top of Apache Unomi. This helps marketers to build segments – and what’s more: it integrates seamlessly with Drupal.

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Key advantages of Apache Unomi


Cross-channel and universal

Collect first-party data across all your channels in a unified customer profile – even for anonymous visitors.


Ready to go

Your segments are readily available for personalization, across all your channels.


360-degree profile

Collect real-time customer data from various sources, for a highly detailed profile.


Supported by AI

Improve your customer experience by using artificial intelligence.


Centralized data hub

All your data in one place, easily accessible through a clear interface.



Follow up on the performance of your online personalization using a direct Google Analytics integration.

Our CDP, personalization
and Apache Unomi services

Personalization Strategy

Make every interaction with customers and visitors consistent, relevant and personal.

Customer Data Integration

Keep all of your aggregated customer data safe under one roof, for a 360-degree customer experience. 

Personalization Strategy

Today’s customers demand an ever more personal experience. They expect content that is relevant to them, and they want you to work to their needs. Together, we will figure out your personas, customer journeys and personalization options. All of which will enable you to provide your customers with tomorrow’s digital experience, today.

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Customer Data Integration

Bring all your complex data together using an integration hub. It enables easy and organized data management.

More about Integration Hubs

Apache Unomi in Dropsolid Experience Cloud

Apache Unomi in Dropsolid Experience Cloud offers unprecedented power to integrate. Link even more data sources to your customer profiles and build specialized segments – either manually or with artificial intelligence. Use the segments you’ve created for both personalization and marketing automation.

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