The complete guide to writing an RFP for your digital experiences

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RFP guide

How to write an RFP to find the right vendor for your digital experience?

With this complete guide, we'll help you write a successful RFP to find the perfect vendor for your next digital experience project. You can use this document as a guideline to structure your RFP in the most effective way possible. The goal? To write an RFP that makes the process of finding and selecting your vendor easier.

Not unimportantly: it will save time, money, and resources in the long run. Next to that, when structuring your RFP in a certain way, your comparison process will be more convenient once all the offers come through.

In this guide you'll find: 

  1. important information and questions to include in your Digital Experience RFP 
  2. two RFP checklists for your project and your features 
  3. easy to use do's and don'ts 

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