Scalable digital experiences for tech companies

Drive revenue and growth for your technology-driven company with an outstanding digital experience. Tech industry start-ups, scale-ups, and established IT businesses demand digital experiences that enable them to grow their brand and scale their products and services quickly. A future-proof and flexible platform with cutting-edge technology is key to building a digital experience that delivers on this premise.
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What is a Digital Experience Platform for IT and tech companies?

Tech companies operate in a fast-paced, volatile business environment. As circumstances, competitors and funding keep shifting, frequent pivots in products and services are part of the game. This is why IT and tech-based businesses look for an open Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to form the backbone of their operations. Designed for round-the-clock, hybrid work and global operations in e-commerce and online-first markets, tech firms need an open cloud platform that is scalable and flexible, able to support business growth and evolving technological demands.

DXP for tech companies: Dropsolid Experience Cloud

Craft cutting-edge and fully integrated digital experiences across all touchpoints with Dropsolid Experience Cloud. Fast, smart, and scalable, with full enterprise capabilities to grow alongside your tech-based business. Our open Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is the ecosystem that tech industry players need to serve their target market and reach new audiences. This way, you build relevant digital experiences that are easy to roll out and maintain, even using hybrid and remote teams working in different time zones. Dropsolid Experience Cloud is completely open and based on open-source technology. This means it integrates easily with all other platforms in your digital ecosystem, including new tools you might want to experiment with to scale your operations.

Key DXP benefits for tech companies

Operational efficiency

Streamline your operations wherever your teams are based. Dropsolid Experience Cloud is the core of your operations, offering easy management and seamless collaboration. Connect your existing CRM, marketing, and analytics tools to create an integrated business operations center that lives in the cloud and is accessible anytime, anywhere.


A Digital Experience Platform is always right-sized for your business needs. Add features as your tech company expands and introduces new services and products. Scale your DXP alongside your organization to handle increasing data, users, and transactions.

Reduced time-to-market

Speed up your time-to-market for new digital capabilities with an innovative DXP. Dropsolid Experience Cloud uses a continuous deployment process that facilitates easy team collaboration and progress tracking. Your remote and hybrid teams can work together on a single platform to deliver content and refine new features and pages.

Analytics to drive customer engagement

Understand your existing and potential customers using aggregate data and integrating marketing tools across all digital touchpoints. Advanced analytics help you to improve your market strategy and deliver the right value with your tech products and services.

Stay ahead of your competitors with cutting-edge technology

Leading tech companies and IT players stay ahead of their competitors by adopting technologies that help them innovate. A smart DXP like Dropsolid Experience Cloud enables your organization to maintain a clear, consolidated overview of all customer interactions with your products, services, and customer success teams. This information provides actionable insights, helping you to make better strategic decisions. Analyzing your target audience’s interactions makes it easier to predict future trends and build a lasting competitive advantage.

Drupal and open source to power digital experiences in tech

At Dropsolid, we use the power of Drupal and open source to meet the needs of growth-oriented IT and tech organizations. Dropsolid Experience Cloud relies on Drupal as its underlying core, allowing us to build flexible and scalable digital platforms that grow alongside your business. Drupal is a leading open-source technology that provides a flexible, sustainable, and future-proof foundation for almost any global digital experience, ready to support a wide range of technology products and services.

Build your scalable DXP in 4 steps

Setting up a scalable Digital Experience Platform requires flexibility, fast delivery and smart prioritization of essential features. The four steps below help you to build the best digital experiences possible.


Digital Experience master plan

Start by mapping out your digital experience strategy, based on your long-term objectives. Use these to build a roadmap with the right priorities for your business.


DXP technology

A Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is the foundation for your digital experience. Add new channels and touchpoints as you scale your tech company. This approach enables you to always stay in control and pivot your products, services and teams as required. As a result, your DXP is able to grow alongside your business.


Development and architecture

The most successful digital experiences combine secure platforms, reliable integrations and custom features, on top of a robust architecture. With Dropsolid Experience Cloud, we’ve got you covered on all fronts


Data and dashboarding

Mapping data streams and data architecture is a crucial part of your master plan. We help you to turn your data into relevant insights, enabling your teams to make data-driven business decisions.

Calculate the ROI on your digital experience for your tech company

Smart tech companies and IT organizations settle for nothing less than maximum return on their investments. A scalable, integrated, and centrally managed digital experience ecosystem allows your teams to collaborate remotely and provides support for new products, services, and features when your organization is ready to implement them. Using our free ROI calculator for digital experiences, you can find out the return on investment for your IT or tech sector business in five minutes.