Sleeplife: tripled number of appointments

Seamless delivery on online and in-store customer experience
Sleeplife Dropsolid


Extend the customer experience of the physical stores into the digital channels where personalized content and professional advice are the guiding principles.


A smooth customer journey via Dropsolid Experience Cloud, an advanced SEO path for increased organic visitors and personalized content targeted to the individual visitor.


Automated updates of product and customer data via bi-directional data synchronization with their own ERP, an integrated end-to-end e-commerce solution with online payment capability and real-time updates, and a doubling of in-store appointments.

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The biggest challenges

Sleeplife wanted to provide a perfectly matching online and in-store customer experience where personalized content and professional advice take a leading role. The broad product offering and related information had to be retrieved from the ERP. However, some more advanced products require a tailor-made solution and are therefore only available in one of Sleeplife's 19 brick-and-mortar stores. With their digital platform, the company wanted to entice more customers to buy online or visit their stores for offline conversions.

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Focus on the end user

With the Dropsolid Digital Experience Platform, the team was able to deliver a frictionless online customer journey. We improved SEO to boost traffic to the relevant web pages. Visitors are guided by professional advice on the website to help them find the right product or to lead them towards a form for making an in-store appointment. Visitors can select a preferred store, resulting in a more personalized experience that displays relevant contact data and opening hours, quotes from local store managers and a quick option to make an appointment or pick up your order in the store.

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The result?

Bi-directional data synchronization is set up between eMeubel, Sleeplife's ERP, and the website for daily automated product and customer data updates.

Dropsolid Rocketship Commerce is used as an integrated end-to-end e-commerce platform with online payments and real-time inventory updates in the ERP’s decentralized inventory model.

Sleeplife marketers can now easily add new products, blog posts, multimedia content or additional stores online. Temporary promotions can be self-managed by Sleeplife's team and they are automatically taken into account during checkout.

Sleeplife's investment in a more advanced digital customer experience tripled the number of in-store appointments and added the website as a fully-fledged sales channel for bedding and related accessories.

The platform was also awarded as the best website runner-up at the International Splash Awards in 2019.

Sleeplife sfeerbeeld
Sleeplife sfeerbeeld
Sleeplife sfeerbeeld
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About Sleeplife

Sleeplife is a mattress and bedding retailer with a focus on customer excellence: their main objective is to provide consumers with personalized sleep and bedding recommendations, whilst taking into account sustainability and the environment. The Belgian company values the customer experience. Their website serves as an additional and seamlessly integrated channel in the customer journey.

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