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How meter readings become child's play
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Digitizing contact moments to make Pidpa's services more efficient. Always putting the citizen first and focusing on accessibility.


In the first phase, a new platform where the user is central and quickly finds all the information.

In the second phase, optimizing the current services and usability. 


A new, powerful platform based on Dropsolid Experience Cloud, where they can work independently on the various parts of their website.

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Digitization while keeping more efficient service deliver in mind

People today are always busy and always online. They are right to expect to be able to rely on their mobile phone for organizing their daily lives. Government departments and public bodies are tapping into this trend by digitizing their touchpoints. This way, they can simultaneously adapt to the needs of their citizens and optimize the efficiency of their service delivery.

This shift had not escaped the attention of Pidpa, and that is why its team turned to Dropsolid with a legitimate demand: creating truly citizen-first digital service. In doing so, accessibility would become a focal point.

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A phased approach

The project was carried out in different stages to ensure fast initial delivery and on-the-go improvements and adjustments. 

    Phase 2: focus on user-friendliness and optimizations

    The second stage will focus on improved user-friendliness and optimization of existing service delivery. Additional services will be digitalized further on.

    A small selection of stand-out technical feats that we’re particularly proud of:

    • The website is accessible to blind and partially sighted people.
    • A comprehensive (WCAG-compliant) menu with a user-editable layout.
    • User-friendly search capabilities, both in the FAQ sections and through the FAQ’s own search engine. It is powered by Apache Solr Search
    • Final approval for the Anysurfer label is pending.
    • SAP integration through the Ometa framework.
    • Advanced Google Maps integration for selecting relevant points on an online map.

    Phase 1: launch of the website

    The project was carried out in different stages to ensure fast initial delivery and on-the-go improvements and adjustments. The first step of the project consisted of the launch of a completely new website. User-centricity and the findability of information were key requirements for this initial delivery.

    The Dropsolid team integrated a range of existing online services, which can be expanded further at a later stage. This approach resulted in the fastest and most cost-efficient possible progress. The renewed Pidpa website provides answers to frequently asked questions in text and video formats, in an intuitive way. In addition, visitors can:

    • Pass on meter readings online,
    • File complaints and report water supply interruptions,
    • Manage all touchpoints to do with building or buying and selling property,
    • Change their contact and bank account details.
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    The result?

    The agile approach allowed Pidpa to go live with a sharply improved website in very little time. This gave the development team the opportunity to gather initial feedback about the platform’s performance, whilst enabling further prioritization of new features and functions. Efficiency optimization is key: how to shift paper processes to a fully digitized equivalent?

    Pidpa’s choice of Dropsolid Experience Cloud as the foundation for its online presence allows the organization to expand digital services gradually and have internal development teams take ownership of further development.

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    About Pidpa

    Pidpa is a leading water supplier in Belgium. Hundreds of employees work every day to ensure the safe distribution of drinking water and sewerage across 65 municipalities in the province of Antwerp.

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