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The Digital Experience Podcast by Dropsolid

Last update 11/01/2024

The Digital Experience Podcast is a series of podcast episodes that cover subjects from technologies to marketing: digital experiences, strategy, different technologies like Drupal, Mautic, or Apache Unomi, data and DXP ecosystems, success stories... With every episode, we dig a little deeper into the true value, the best practices, and the positive effect of a frictionless experience.

Our topics? Tech and marketing!

Genuine techie or rather a marketing genius? We’ve got you covered with two separate playlists: Tech & Marketing. Both focussed on the best digital experiences but tailored for the right audience. 

  1. If you’re looking for more in-depth information about, for example, Kubernetes, headless Drupal, or technical dept, then our Tech playlist is exactly what you’re looking for! 
  2. More into the marketing side of digital experiences? Work in progress! Our experts are working hard to launch new episodes on marketing automation, personalization, SEO, web analytics, privacy... Stay tuned for our Marketing playlist!

Marketing episodes

Stay tuned for our marketing episodes! 

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