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Dropsolid as strategic technology partner and trusted advisor for Synergie Jobs
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Search for a strategic technology partner who could meet all business objectives in addition to providing advice and support in building a strong digital presence.


Reworking their current Drupal environment into a scalable, user-centric digital platform. With a powerful search engine, integration for social media, and automated job management across eight job sites.


Increased lead conversion, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Net Promoter Scores (NPS). Greatly reduced administration time for employees.

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The 5 most important needs

Synergie was in need of a strategic technology partner to advise the business on how to build a strong digital presence that would tap into the company’s strengths and play to their needs. Key focus points included:

  1. An improved and expanded search feature, without any downtime during optimizations;
  2. Focus on data privacy and security;
  3. Optimized UX for different stakeholders and more online conversion
  4. Integrated LDAP authentication
  5. An updated design.

Focus on scalability and the future

Together with Dropsolid, Synergie built a user-centric digital platform with a powerful search engine, social media integration, and automated job management -for 8 job websites. Customer journeys were optimized and simplified, both for mobile and desktop versions of the websites. This led to more visitors, more applications, closer contact between candidates and HR consultants, and higher engagement. Synergie moved to a decoupled CMS, leveraging further website personalization for each individual visitor.

The intranet is designed as the go-to tool for employees to carry out day-to-day tasks that cannot be performed within the CRM environment. The platform supports HR consultants with digital tools for enhanced candidate matching and ticketing, tutorials, simplified and semi-automated administration tasks, cost declaration, messaging etc.

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A strategic partner for the future

The lean-and-mean collaboration with Dropsolid allowed Synergie to start small and gradually grow its internal team.
Today, Dropsolid remains a trusted advisor for Synergie’s digital teams to help them with best practices, solutions and optimizations of their digital presence. This allows the company to focus less on its website management and more on its core business.

By investing in digital presence and customer experience, Synergie doubled its revenue in five years’ time.

The result?

  • 80%+ increase in lead conversion,
  • Significant positive ROI after only a few months,
  • Increased Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Net Promoter Scores (NPS),
  • Reduced administration overhead for employees
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Synergie sfeerbeeld
Synergie sfeerbeeld
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About Synergie

Synergie matches employers and candidates to find the perfect candidate for every job opening. As an established HR partner, Synergie’s approach consists of value creation through long-term relationships with its clients, candidates and employees. Human capital is evidently a key focus. Investment in digital presence has been a catalyst in the company’s growth over the past six years.

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